Magic the Gathering GP Vegas 2018 Round 1 Modern


bswizzle85 says:

@5:07 so when did WotC make Rich the speech police to ban people from the chat for having an opinion…disgusting..

Adrian Trojan says:

So fucking retarded

Daves GoldenDuck says:

The Life total was an EPIC fail at the beginning

Longjohn Dong says:

Lot’s of us are fans of Maria? They are hardly that popular. Why is wizards pushing these two women all the time? They have grating cringy personalities.

Nero edits says:

We all know why the chose this as a feature match

Ewzen Strouha says:

only 2 commentators can play magic. they is REID DUKE and LUIS SCOTT VARGAS

Sakira Cadman says:

man shes obese.

FlourescentPotato says:

The maria person’s play is very loose. It’s funny how people with more foils tend to play less good.

Stupor says:

Lmao Owen! 23:29 hahahah!

Bobrovoina says:

17:05 Rancor must go to graveyard. Spiritdancer not died, it’s exiled…

Cameron Koblitz says:

So happy that Maria is playing, because I don’t have to hear her commentating. Not hating her as a person, but I just can’t stand her commentation. Also bogles is a great deck for beginners.

Joan Hearts you says:

that bogles mirror was crazy seeing an almost full out foil deck was also nice.
just skip forward stop hating everything, enjoy the game or do something else instead of poisoning the community

KAMLU says:

fuck you, rich

Tomkarl Jefferson Hernandez says:

The one with the scapeshift deck scooped game two then looks at the top of her library
And it was a Tireless Tracker
I think she would have a chance if she didnt scoop early

Adam Watson says:

Love how in game 1 they minus Maria’s life by mistake.

Thrillho Van Houten says:

I thought Rich Hagon of all people would understand that entertainment value is important. But alas, even the most clever HAG ON the coverage team has been bit by the inclusivity bug.

GetFKTnerd says:

Rich is mad that Maria and him need to wear xl shirts

Vardaris says:

Love Maria, love bogles, no problem watching the mirror. Much better than control mirror also

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

2 cancer solitaire decks fighting each other…..


oh cool, i know maria, we played eachother at a local store and we both had 100 or so life…AND THEN SHE HIT ME FOR 110!! XD

Parker Hero says:

Cancer game, even more cancerous community.

Stefan Huber says:

what did I miss, why so much hate towards maria?

death Day says:

Annoying fucking video

Roberto Camerlingo says:

what’s worse than a match with one bogle player in it? you guessed right…

Nicalapegus says:

Can’t express an opinion or they ban you

Kevin Deleon says:

damn! 5:20

whats wrong with people

Matthew Stanfield says:

Ah, I see Rich did attend the WoTC school for handling criticism.

F H M says:

why were the life totals switched

Caveman044 says:

Their is no escaping the LGBTROFLCOPTER politics. One day people will realize that it was a bad idea to mainstream their minority beliefs.

TheWickedWeenie says:

Rich seems to have a real fragile ego

MrEvitcartta says:

It makes me really sad that whenever there’s a woman in one of these matches there are way more comments than the same tournaments other videos without women. And most of those comments are negative.

Stormerbuzz FyfEnDertig says:

who cares about this boring pair of bingo bongos with pig tails?

nadacool says:

Great feature match…..

kyle mueller says:

I was really hoping Maria B wouldn’t look like a casual…but she did.

Fuck Off says:

5:08 he is right though, wasn’t there anything more interesting going on? watching bogles in general is boring af, mirror is just pure torture. Being excited about a GP and then getting this must be pretty frustrating.

dear1337er says:

20:04 haha, nice stealth pun lsv

Meurth says:

20:54 “Jordan doing some quick maffs” lmao

MiD says:

foil bogles deck….playing daybreak on a creature without enchantments….-200IQ

MykTheOccultist says:

how’d maria go from 13 to 3 at 3:38? she seemed to have a superior boardstate but she lost?

Edward Karpe says:

Lol baby is so annoying. Like bruh she 40 and acts like she’s 17 and super hot. Get out bruh. Elitiest fuck banning a dude for freedom of speech. Garbage ads game

mikahthefett says:

5:02 😉

The Hungry Lion says:

Trans and feminists are destroying the game and wizards only fans the flames

Nathan Wemple says:

0:27 the fattest voice crack my guy

Rusty SpyGoat says:

Why did MTG have to get involved with social justice warriors…. gawd
I guess its their next target demographic after the Generation Y start to fade away from magic…

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

whats worse than a storm player?

a slow storm player….. -.-

jake mccollum says:

Gabby Spartz: always a good time.

frogysjumps says:

I don’t think I’m the best storm player or anything but watching this guy play was just painful.

Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence says:

Hey my deck is foil but im going to misplay all game xd

Austin Pearson says:

This match was nearly impossible to watch. I don’t know who the annoying British guy is but good god get him out. And gabby is so annoying and un informative. Just terrible.

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