Magic The Gathering: Guilds of Ravnica Tournament | The Final

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for making this possible!
Magic the Gathering: Guilds of Ravnica Tournament! It’s the final episode of the Guilds of Ravnica tournament!
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Matthew Hall says:

Ben didnt discard a card from the burler rat

Bam Bhole says:

Best series on games night other than the Party games

Ghost Clown says:

My favourite colour combo in MtG is Blue/Black because I am an utter shit.

Ziffer777 says:

That room is quite reverb-y. Might want to invest in some sound dampening material.

dunefish says:

Turps could make a video of him distributing the packs and it would be absolutely riveting.

XFrozenAshX says:

I’m so glad everybody got half each! ^_^

darkstoneft says:

Lewis wins are the best because when Lewis wins, everybody WIN!

(He may or may not have a choice there cuz he’s their boss, ahahahahah)

phooogle says:

I feel like Ben cheated. Attack, summon, spell, attack, summon, cast, summon attack. Your go Lewis.

PugLord says:

But no packs for Tom 🙁

RawSauce338 says:

Holy crap this was so much fun! Id love a chill unwrapping of those packs!!

Ranchor489 says:


Lucas Martin says:

Please keep the magic coming, I played cardboard magic seriously for several years and these vids might just get me into Arena

Deatheraux says:

Ben missed 1 damage 21:05

MrSaucyBeans says:

Open these packs on camera!

Darius Dahmen says:

ben is the best

thedude40 says:

lewlew m8 i love ya but you gotta read your cards, you didnt give anything your centipede buff, and you didnt surveil on the dazzling lights

Peter Senior says:

Lewis finally notices that he cheated against his opponent by telling them he would kill both creatures that block

GreyEp says:

If Ben sacrificed his 2/2 instead of the rat, he would have survived for 1 more turn since he would gain 2 health instead of 1

Luckyluke says:

we want to see the cards lewis won right guys?>

Fintan Davies says:

i mean, we all knew that the final was gonna be ben and lewis from the beginning

Aaron Patterson says:

Shouldn’t Tom an Ben be in the final?

Lightning Lance says:

I don’t get how this tournament worked. Lewis played two games and then there were 4 other people who each played one game. Are there missing videos?

Temprael says:

When are we getting that shuffling tutorial we were promised?

Buttersnow says:

shame mephitic vapors isn’t instant speed

Giomillsy says:

I love these vids so much as well. Could you guys try playing blood bowl

Generic Gaming says:

So jealous of them packs. Can we get a opening video?

Sam Kingston says:

@7:25 what is that cut lol. Lewis picks up nothing and so he is given a card to use.

Ediz A. says:

21:32 The Bristol Pusher laughs maniacally at the corpses of his drowned victims (circa 2018)

deanofcool says:

Would like to see a video of the actual draft, opening and assembling of the decks.

Force2Reckon says:

Forgot the Centipede effect xD

Balthor says:

I don’t get it, why did he give half of the packs to Turps twice? ;P

André says:

reeeeee no sleeves!

Still a great vid

NGA says:

Ben looked so happy when Lewis shared! Precious Overlord of the Sharks

Generic Gaming says:

Time to just drown myself in my swamp. Fucking love the magic series lol

ThatEditingBaka says:

7:03 Ben, you cheat 😮 BOTH players discard 😮

Kerry Benton says:

These were super fun vids. Man, I really thought ben was gonna take this one, but Lewis got all his cards.

charles sturgeon says:

Lewis had lethal 18:33, the spinal centipede gives another creature 1/1. If the +1/+1 was on the painter it would be enough damage to kill Ben.

AltairLT says:

When Centipede died Lewis could put +1/+1 on 4/5 and that would have won him the game early. But committing sepuku in swamp was better.

Ollie Beeston says:

Did anyone else really want to see the packs being opened?

Dylan Pixzle says:

Wish we could see the pack opening too

Franco Tomas says:

This sucks

phooogle says:

I actually followed what was going on mostly. I’m learning….

llamacaptain says:

Ben was so adorable getting those packs, (no homo tho:d)

WhiteFamilliar says:

You forgot about the +1 +1 from the centipede ^_^

RDR911 says:

359 likes, 0 dislikes. NICE.

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