Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh Tournament – Sjin v Tom

This time in Magic: The Gathering, Sjin hopes to use his drafted deck to take down the experienced Tom!
This video was made with the assistance of Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic the Gathering!

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Tom –

Reupload because of the audio problems last time! Sorry!

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Fionn McAleer says:

toms bird was -3 wasnt it, plus sjin missed out on a lot of energy

Joshua N/A says:

Eager to see whom wins this tournament.

Joshua Davis says:

love the channel, really love the magic rounds, can’t wait for more!

Peter Senior says:


mtg boi says:

you should see modern omg

Carolina B says:

where can i buy cards online?

Jett Nash says:

Tom and Sjin are the ultimate rivals

Egrith says:

Battle of the beanies

TheCoopa says:

Sjin is so awkward in this . . .

Joshua Sweetvale says:

Is… is it just me or does Tom look like Sjin’s evolved form!?

Logan Ryan says:

silly Tom, you used a forest to make your hawk gain flying, but it cost an island…

Slaughtz says:

This game. Two sarcastic people just going at it non-stop. It’s awkward, hostile and hilarious at the same time.

• Inky says:


Michael Marquette says:

Battle of the Beanie!!

Hex Op says:

Games Night is a great revival of the classic Yogscast scenario in which the Yogscast teams up and has fun while playing new and interesting games.

Dan Haddock says:

Wow… them bants…

Zeriphim says:

Not one trap card played or even a synchro summon…..newbz

BvG Hill says:

Battle of the beanie wearers. Some pro bants in this too lol

Vlad Von Carstein says:

Paying 1 mana to give a creature flying is an activated ability

RawBe17 says:

Tom is the most sarcastic bastard….and I love it.

phooogle says:

They look super awkward there !

James Valdez says:

it’s a tourtiour

Martin Weidenborn says:

Tom cheated at the end, he already used all the islands for the Gearseeker serpents ability and should not have been able to give the Dukhara peafowl flying!!!

Sjin could have another chance to draw his “game winning card” 🙂

Rvo says:

These two are fucking great together.

Dirk GH says:

holy hell tom is just not funny

ijimedia says:


GoldenFox says:

This was like a slightly awkward, monotone episode of Yu Gi Oh. I loved it.

Pawel Habrajski says:

why does Tom sound like he’s slowly dying inside

EastGuardianSeiryuu says:

But what does Port of Greed do?

Codiush Maximush says:

man, sjin is acting cringy but tom is being an asshole.

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