Magic: The Gathering Tournament – FINAL

The winners of the past two battles will now duke it out to find the true victor in our Magic: The Gathering Amonkhet tournament!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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Robert Wilson says:

That was bloody awful. It’s clear they don’t have much interest in MTG as they don’t have a clue what’s going on. Do they just do it for the #adcash?

Amateur Master says:

thank yous

Jamie Buchan says:

Can we please have Lewis vs Tom in a 3rd and 4th place match!?

Sly Ngn says:


Emanuel McGraw says:

All of Duncan’s turns sound like an ASMR

Dr When says:

feel like theybhas the identity of the winners more because no one wanted to see a game between Duncan and sjin. THE PEOPLE WANT LEWIS AND TOM

narutokazok says:

Thanks yous, byesss.

Kirinketsu says:

… umm at 6:02 did Sjin pick a creature that can no block?

kevin hunter says:

So where is the Warhammer 40k?

Blank Kat says:

well that was a quick game omg sjin

WOW A USERNAME!!!!!! says:

I let my friend make my deck and he gave me the mime card ;-;

Sjuney says:

You could see how that was going on turn one.

TheCoopa says:

I love you guys but there is just no chemistry with just the two of you . . . just feels really awkward.

Zeutrus Bd says:

“Luck is a part of skill” – sjin 2017

Owlcorp Studios says:

Other two videos half an hour this video ten minutes

Yutzo Taile says:

Could be fun to watch yogscast try their hand at commander format 🙂

Matthew Hennes says:

I really enjoy these videos. It would be fun to see a bigger tournament (8 people to start maybe?), and maybe with some type of prize for the winner so that people are a little more motivated to play well?

Nil says:

10/10 outros

Red_Llama says:

10 mins?!! jsus

Lastie P-R says:

quoi le fuck?

Smashy Stashy says:

Feels like sjin stopped trying before the game even started…

Joshua Merlin says:

They keep forgetting to role the die first before drawing their hand

Elliot Fisk says:

That play at 7 mins with the pathmaker was depressing. Just make the 0/1 not be able to block and the take out the fucking manticore

Duncan Walliss says:

The lack of best of 3s is disturbing

Isloris says:

“Thank you’s” had me in tears haha

The Zambeh says:

Could you guys try out commander? Maybe get the anthology?

Rafael Ramos says:

mc nuggets

AllanForce says:

More magic the gathering you magnificent beautiful men

andrewstillplays says:

where is star wars edge of the Empire?

Chief Joseph says:

Make ixalan tournament please.

PJBxx says:

wtf, tom and duncan pawed at each other for 40 minutes, and this was over in under 10?!

Heal Please Heal says:

HAHA 10 minute video? Someone got dominated then. LOL

Caleb Maule says:

so many mistakes but still fun to watch, even though there was a lot of face palms.

ergilly says:

Would absolutely love to see more mtg content 😀 PLEASE

bellender Jones says:


Lewis Allan says:

Play captain sonar with hatfilms and turps Vs sjin Lewis dunacn and Tom

Gh0stF4ng1337 says:

really should be best of 3.

Four for Death says:

If your doing tournament style games I recommend best of 3 style it eliminates at least some of the luck of the draw bias for single elimination look forward to you guys continuing with Magic for hour of devastation. Also while I appreciate the editor changing the numbers it did make it a tad confusing when the pathmaker initiate appeared as a 3/2 with the enchantment on it perhaps highlighting positive changes in green and negative changes in red or even better displaying counters on the cards as counters are very relevant for some cards particularly in this set with brick counters and -1/-1 counters

Heal Please Heal says:

If a creature is a 3/2… and gets a +1/+1 from one card, and another +3/+3 from another, the 3/2 would become a 7/6. The -1/-1 would not take effect during that turn as you already passed your upkeep turn and would become active during your next turn. How was that math missed?

Vargen Dae says:

why was scry1 never used while mulligan???

MelonFace22 says:

Hearthstone tournament?

MarkusTheUnnamed says:

Duncan wins

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