Magic: The Gathering Tournament – Lewis v Sjin

It’s Lewis v Sjin in the first battle of the Magic: The Gathering Amonkhet tournament! The winner of this will progress through to the final to face either Duncan or Tom!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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Jake Walters says:

I like it, let’s see you guys play modern or legacy

Andrew Young says:

how come the video game has a free mulligan? :3

El Hankerino says:


Dopped Furry says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Pauls voice really doesn’t fit how he looks? it’s a little unsettling

these2kings0305 says:

Every time they called Hazoret and Bontu “him” I screamed “HER!” at my phone.

Gamingturtle The First says:

sjin 4 the win

samtrue3 says:

It’s one free mulligan

Skripter_ says:

actually, correction, you cast synchronized strike before damage was going to resolve, so you would have untapped the Pathmaker Initiate, making it a 4/3 and then no combat damage, as they would have both exited the red zone, and Dune Beetle had nothing to block.

White Razor says:

What I like about electronic card games is, apart from being less batshit boring, the RNG. You can’t summon a random card with a physical deck… at least not to the same effect.

Denise Severe says:

Damn I really like Sjin. Back in the old yogscast days when I first heard Sjin’s voice and saw his minecraft skin on Tekkit, he’s been my fav in all of yogscast.

Hextech Art & Gaming says:

I always wanted to get into Magic the Gathering but, I could never afford to keep up. LOL
I spent way too much money on Yugi-Oh back in the day. >_< I miss playing physical card games.

Skripter_ says:


dannyzep92 says:

I really appreciate that you two see where possible mistakes you may have made in your lines of play or thought. Those are good traits to have in this game I wish you well in your magic journey! You should visit tolarian community college and really fall down the rabbit hole of Mtg!

stethespaniard2 says:

Why does Lewis have all these reputations for being amazing at games but always lose on film

Johnny Natrium says:

The autism in comments is sky-high.
Also, I don’t see how a hand-size joke on Trump is “a very political joke” in any way lol. If that’s now people’s idea of politics…

Iron Braille says:

sjin didnt draw on turn 2…

Prathul Rao says:

Stop talking!!!!

Ari says:

10:16 right before lewis said “like donald trump” i said to myself “like trump”

Nuked Heros says:

You did do that wrong

Shawn Silver says:

you guys should get more into this and play Commander

Brayden Hemeon says:

You guys should try playing the board game ‘King of Tokyo’, I have played it and founded it an enjoyable game

Rex Holes says:

Synchronized strike is useful for defending when you have tapped creatures, on the attack it would cancel the attack lol

Razmatschannel says:

The requirement for Synchronised Strike was the card be tapped (to allow it to untap), otherwise it was an illegal move. Since your card only taps AFTER you attack, technically it was an illegal move by Sjin and he would have lost his 2/1. But who cares, it’s magic play it how it feels right not stupid rules 🙂

Finlay Lynch says:

The editors of this series are doing an incredible job

Hello San says:

I thought that minion that exerted can’t be untap on the following turn? Lewis and Sjin had completely forgotten about that.
Welp its the Yogscast we’re watching

Solrex the Sun King says:

Could you guys at the very least use penny sleeves? Your cards are naked!

TPhoneHome says:

lol this Lewis guy cheated a few times in the game

Jaylan Riorden says:

i am so triggered at how the beetle thing went down because when a creature is untapped during combat it ends the combat because you would be attacking and then not attacking and since lewis had declared blockers he couldn’t get back into combat so lewis should’ve have still had the beetle for a longer period of time.

Bob Danger says:

You guys should try playing the board game ‘King of Tokyo’

Nuked Heros says:

Also FYI Indestructible means you cant destroy it with spells how ever if its toughens reaches 0 aka being attacked will destroy the creature

GlazedGamer says:

All the autismo sleeve monkeys here are fucking pathetic

Maarten Mateusen says:

Really nice and easy to follow for new players! good job guys

Benjamin Swalwell says:

As someone who actually plays a ton of magic this is extremely cringy

UndercoverSonar says:

Is there a wrap around straight in Magic…. Or is that only Devon rules?

RamsyLoL says:

sjin also takes damage from Hazoret’s ability. it’s to EACH opponent

Gregory Spoto says:

Sooooo since you guys barely have any idea what you’re doing at Magic but you’re sponsored by WotC, I’d gladly join the Yogscast team to help judge/coach you all on the rules and stuff like that 😀

Solrex the Sun King says:

“Mull down to 5? You’re mad.”

Is he? Watch the video to find out! There is always a method to madness.

agonzales928 says:

Remember if u mullgian u can sry 1 new rule after zendikar

Communist Slave says:

Keep doing magic pls

Sir_Chuckles The Mighty says:

Couldnt Lewis have used his ability on his god to survive the attack?

Heal Please Heal says:

Anyone else really interested on what’s going on outside their building? LOL

Pagan Fox says:

Go Sjin!

DepriverOfSouls says:

Frostmourne HUNGERS!!

MagikGimp says:

Whoa beard. The hair may be a curse but Sjin looks good either way when it comes to the facial whiskers.

biostarkick7 says:

Sjin is one attractive mothertrucker.

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