Magic: The Gathering Tournament – Sealed Deck Build

Lewis, Duncan, Sjin and Tom are back for another Magic: The Gathering tournament! Today they’re opening up a load of packs and building a deck in preparation for the battles ahead!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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mcginleycolin says:

So this edition of Magic literally has Egyptian God cards?

Stephen Bowie says:

There’s a few duel colour planeswalkers already, that X cost is certainly interesting though

Ironclad Guildhand says:

15:48 Look at that savage burn from the Pyromaster herself on that card. Mmmm, gonna need Nissa and Gideon to put a salve on that.

Samuel Mumby says:

I hope Tom used that rare as shit card as roach paper. Just to see the comment rage.

SixAces says:

Duncan the poon slayer

Corey Mckay says:

Can Magic be a semi-common occurrence on this channel? These kinds of videos are always among my favourites 😀

Karmagoyf says:

duncan got lucky with that glorybringer

Ryuk says:

The lighting is perfect for that card


To get paid to play mtg with your friends… what a dream

jguitar151 says:

I haven’t been around the general yogscast in a long while (still watch sips sometimes) and I really enjoy this tom guy. excellent beard, friendly af, and funny in his own way

donashcroft93 says:

is Sjin wearing mascara? or does he just have naturally beautiful eyelashes?

Maltos says:

That Vindicate is worth £30

WizardOf says:

….Why did I just get a Spanish Colgate commercial.

Gavin Cowan says:

Tom getting invocation of vindicate reminds me of the time I pulled the full art windswept Heath in my first pack ever. I was so happy

Darcy Glavine says:

Wow, they all got some pretty good stuff

Kazekage248 says:

I love how Tom pulls Vindicate Invocation, and he doesn’t realize he has the rarest pull out of all of them lol.
It may not be most rare of the Invocations, but it’s definitely much rarer than what any of the others pulled haha.

Ryan T says:

Shiiittt. Sleeve these up!

Jack Martin says:

Hour of Devastation Prerelease in in less than a week. Why are they doing Amonkhet??

Matthew Hennes says:

They’re literally Egyptian god cards lol

Dakota Jensen says:

noice tom! pulling a vindicate masterpiece! thats a $25USD card

Varithian says:

This makes me want to break out the ol’ magic cards and make a deck. But alas I have nobody to play the game with.

The Real Rinkashime says:

45 seconds in “Duncan’s won.”

DoubleHelixGamer says:

Damn I would love to play against you guys at a prerelease. I haven’t been to one in a few sets now.

Jack Munro-Cox says:

More magic the gathering pls

Joshua Gordon says:

Mythic rares are 2-5 times rare depending on the card and also there are one rule for a free molligan it’s either all land or no land

Deathpenguin Zed says:

Crinkling foil just adds to the booster pack opening experience haha!

Brook Lovell says:

more if this is needed

joe_mule says:

“A foil land! Check this! How premium is that?”

This mtg pun by the yogs has been years in the making!

enigmaPL says:

Where is game 01????!!!! :O

Max Edwards says:

you guys need to do an ixalan tournament

partingofways says:

Please do more magic videos they’re so fun

mcfeliz200 says:

thank god tom is here to clarify (correct) rules

King Weeaboo says:

dammmmmm, hold up, anyone else see how nice Lewis’s nails are???

Bluedr3amz says:

I still havent opened my first invocation and i think ive played alooottttt longer than them, feelsbadman

Mason Adrine says:

x= amount of manna put in not anything you want

Kig Jesus Eser says:

that camel would go great with wonders

How did I do that again says:

The premise of magic is that you are two sorcerers facing against each other employing the help of planeswalkers and summoning monsters

Savior666 says:

Those Egyptian styled cards that your friend had are cool! I’ve never seen the ‘Vindicate’ one before but I was able to get “Attrition” out of my booster pack the other day! They are awesome!

Sayantan Chaudhuri says:

Damn, that Vindicate looked dope!

soul34ter says:


MrTeamTactical says:

I feel like the back of the set needs a bit more light or something you could probably have like old looking candles hanging from the wall that are actually just electric would look cool and give the back a bit more light

evymel's dignity says:

more poker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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