Magic: The Gathering Tournament – Tom v Duncan

It’s Tom versus Duncan in the Magic: The Gathering Amonkhet tournament, battling it out for a spot in the final to go against either Lewis or Sjin!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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elniro says:

with the “finish” card, says destroy target creature…tom could have chosen Duncan’s creature instead of his own right?

HeliusSlayer says:

i’m late watching these but when you summon a creature doesn’t it come into the battlefield tapped? Unless it says otherwise. At the start Tom could have attacked but they both put their creatures out untapped.

Matthew Hennes says:

Huge props to whoever edits these, the overlays are incredible.

n Turbo says:

25:34 Tom should’ve lost here, it’s stop all damage dealt to IT this turn

Rasmus Hellberg says:

Dont the crab lose health when it blocks?

MrFoxUltima says:

was gonna say big ups to the editors for changing power and toughness levels but they didn’t revert turn only changes several times

Raymond Benjamins says:

Amonkhet is such a fun set! Especially a black – white combo is incredible. Black can spawn a ton of zombie tokens, while white can spawn a lot of other kinds of tokens (and has a lot of embalm cards). There are also a couple of white cards that activate when a zombie or token enters the battlefield. One of them doubles the amount of tokens you get, so if you combine a black zombie deck with a white token deck, you can get so many creatures out in no time (if you can get that card early on, if you can get multiples of it, then it’s just insane).

Casey Mauldin says:

These are some of the best sponsored videos.

Ty Rone says:

Good banter in this video. “He was my first” – priceless XD

Sayantan Chaudhuri says:

It’s official. The Yogscast _just doesn’t see gender._ Ever. Not even on a Magic card.

(And occasionally, rules 🙂

Sdt fyuty says:

I would think that if a venomous snake were to bite itself, it would not take the effects of the venom because it’s own body has adapted to it

Deathpenguin Zed says:

Google say “Venomous snakes are immune to their own venom. Think about how often you may have bit your lip, tongue, or inside of your cheek, and your teeth are not mobile like most venomous snakes are. There’s a significant chance of a snake accidentally biting itself, and so snakes have developed an immunity to their own toxin.”

Runelore Aus says:

By the way, for those not super familiar with MTG. If a player would start the game with less cards than the opponent, that player is allowed to Scry 1 (Look at the top card of your library, you may put that card on the bottom of your library) at the beginning of their turn. So if you mulligan and your opponent doesn’t, this would apply.

Lochie S says:

Did anyone else think Duncan’s ribbon was one of those Nazi swastika armbands at first glance?


Tom’s T-Shirt is the greatest

Jay Dee says:

this ad has succeeded, i want to play

jae norton says:

The snake thing reminded me off the fact that you can very violently kill a scorpion by pouring alchohol on it getting it drunk and having it stab itself and it will die of its own poison

Duncan Walliss says:

casting instants as sorcerys FeelsBadMan

FoxerBoxerNaaniwa says:

Fun fact. Snakes are immune to their own venom. It makes sense. They produce the venom, so they produce the antibodies to neutralize it. So each snake is immune to its own species venom. And to an extent, they’re immune to close evolutionary cousins. So diamond backs partially immune to cottonmouths, and visa versa. But a diamondback wouldn’t be so lucky if bitten by a cobra, and again, visa versa.

Will Ayres says:

holy shit tom has a poo lagoon tshirt

Will Sas says:

The girl on the right is cute!

Austin Doby says:


TregoBFC says:

Toms deck was way better, more skill behind it. Dunkin “I got big cards yay my dick is small”

pennywise the clown says:

holy god, i understand misunderstanding rules, but completely reading cards wrong (as in english comprehension fail) is bonkers

Sayantan Chaudhuri says:

Let’s face it, the only reason Duncan has his phone out is because the case matches his shirt. Not even mad.

SixAces says:

how much poon do you think duncan drowns in? i would say around 500 gallons

Ben Shaw says:

Enjoyed these. Actually got me to go out and buy a Duel Deck for Magic The Gathering which I never thought I’d say after getting into LCGs like Game of Thrones and Netrunner.

With that in mind, I don’t think I’d ever want to actually begin the collectable aspect of MTG again but I do enjoy the basic mechanics of the game and it’s fun playing it. So, got myself the Duel Deck so I could have a bit of fun with friends.

Keep this up as others have said and explore other games too. Would love to see some Netrunner or more Star Wars: Destiny. Been playing a lot of the later. Got my eKylo & eAsajj Deck + Phasma + 2x Stormtroopers up and rocking now.

Cole Morgan says:

Most snakes are immune to their own venom.

ratchet600 says:

they played a lot of naff cards huh? they’re entertaining and I always like their vids but if they’re being sponsored by wizards they ought to try to get the rules right to a degree. see LRR preprerelease for reference

White Razor says:

Kind of need background music… :/

Heal Please Heal says:

Even before seeing who wins. I’ll predict that Tom wins this match… Update to follow.

I failed….

DarkPhantom10 says:

Duncan “Crab Commander” Jones
Duncan “The Bloodthirsty” Jones
Tom “The Healthy” Clark

DarkGhost says:

the title shouldve been “Tom gets crabs in his beard!”

Deathpenguin Zed says:

Tom: Naga Rogue…Naga please ahahahahhaha

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