Magic: The Gathering – Two Headed Giant Battle

The Magic Masters Lewis and Ben continue their tutorial by taking Harry and Mike into their very first Two Headed Giant 2v2 battle!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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Andrew Deng says:

sorceries can only be cast on your turn though

n Turbo says:

12:38 so wait how did killing their own Minotaur help??

Hal Peacock says:

how does lewis think he can get away with fast tracking his new husband straight to the games night table, you think we wont notice ? pridemonth

Keani Gibson says:

I have a handful of spells so cringe creatures are spells

Felix Underland says:

Mike the destroyer of lands… 🙂

Nefarious says:

That was fun

Teresa Harris says:

magic is already cool, but with brits its just fucking classy

Russell Common says:

I’m just learning magic, but at 4:02 they drew a card at the beginning of the game so that would be 8 cards in hand to start?

UPC Minato says:

where is shadow of israphel

Dug 111 says:

Mike’s nick name should be the Hydra Cucker

Keani Gibson says:

One drops are great there’s a 13/13 one drop soon to be banned

Thetysonbear says:

holy shit magic fans are worse than any sort of fan. There has never been a video about magic where there isn’t like 30 people crying about the rules or the in game play, and then there’s normally about 10 crying about them not using sleeves, it’s their cards why do you give a shit

Bumontherun says:

is it just me or does Ben have a really big head and really little hands

Razmatschannel says:

Mulligans work by losing a card each time but also scrying each missing card from 7 from the top of your deck 🙂

Martin Perez says:

Untap, Upkeep, Draw… XD lol


And you can look at eachother’s hands in 2 headed giant

Daniel Hopkins says:

guys, I feel like you should ask wizards for a judge. I couldn’t even finish the video.


You don’t draw a card on the first turn if you go first, but you do if you have more than one opponent.

Smash OG says:

Two Headed Giant <3 I am amazed SOMEONE remembers this format! Instant subscribed mates.

Don Mangrubang says:

I enjoyed learning with both of the new player and can you pick teaching me more……

Acecold Killer says:

waow that guy rly looks like athene


Creatures you control do not include your partners creatures.

lucasmonta1 says:

that enchatmet, is like the should already lost 5 health and I’m not even at the half of the video….

mashy mushy gamer says:

You can see your teams hands but can’t say what to do for them

Harry Everitt says:

When Cursed Minotaur at 7:28 after the attacking phase the creature did not exhibit summoning sickness (it was not tapped) is this a mistake or is that how it works in that second phase.


To determine who goes first, when you are done shuffling you look at the bottom card of your deck. Whoever has the highest mama cost goes first. But if you all have the same, look at the second from the bottom.

Kyle Williams says:

To all the magic the gathering fans:
Welcome to games night! Where the games are varied and the rules don’t matter

Nagazami says:

It was fun to watch but they misplayed so much tbh

Tyson Brooks says:

What happened to the trespassers curse

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