Magic the Gathering US Nationals 2017 Finals


Gerry Thompson (Temur Engergy) vs Oliver Tomajko (Blue-Black COntrol)


UziFoo says:

Wow I should not watch this in the morning, the announcer is putting me back to sleep.

James Jacobs says:

Anyone know what kind of sleeves Oliver was using?

JuumPz -Tmj- says:

invoca o ezodia

bigblue2075 says:

Was it just me or did it look like Gerry didn’t really shuffle Oliver’s deck at 4:40?

rabidGopher says:

Nothing against the kid, but when a fucking 17 year old is the national champion in standard, then you know wizards made some design mistakes with recent sets. Scarab god is the most braindead unskilled card I’ve seen since something like Sphinx or Bitterblossom.

The gaming athelete says:

Yo i love that triforce deck box

Nya Stclair says:

why not 1080p atleast? I want to be able to read the cards 🙁

Christopher Murillo says:

That’s its 5thousand dollars for USA national champ I’m sure these guys spent more than that in cards lol

Dorf Pampkin says:

Damn crap game. Shittly emotions. Watch Southpark with that game xD

Phillip Collette says:

Why isn’t Rags//Riches in Tomajko’s deck? It’s super useful.

SonictheBedHog says:

Hello, I am net decker.

Diamondbro107 Gamer says:

Y cant u block the attacks?

Ronald Savage says:

God I hate blue players, they’re the absolute worst kind of people in magic by far

The Senate says:

Careful guys, Oliver Tomajko used to be a world champion in yugioh

Andy Thompson says:

anyone know what sleeves oliver is using

christopher lacey says:

Rather boring match tbh.. doesn’t seem like any real skill here.. just played the cards he drew and had it all..

Cyderaal says:

how old is Oliver?

Patrick Pugh says:

wow. if you want my card pulled out of my sleeve then you ask to do so….or I will do it for you. I dont care if we are playing a game……dont just manhandle my property……btw…/.m,,./.,./.grammar nazis have fun 😉

Slamin Salmon says:

You guys should post whether the video is standard or modern for new people clicking your videos.

Andy Malik says:

Gerry actually did cheat though. At 12:50, Whirler Virtuoso was countered by Essence Scatter. But Gerry still gained 3 energy.

shadowcatX2000 says:

I am so ready for energy and vehicles to leave standard.

Metamorphosis says:

I love the combination of blue and black deck but with less control in it because it gets boring…That is just my opinion

Jakob Hunter says:

So did anyone else notice that after he resolve the Essence Extraction off of the second Torrential Gearhulk, it just magically reappeared in his graveyard and not in exile with the other spell cast off of the first Torrential Gearhulk……he knows what he’s doing, but was what he did right or do judges pick and choose who they penalize for wrong card zone infractions. I would not say anything if he hadn’t drawn into another Gearhulk, which makes the misplay advantageous in his favor.

Screw The Net says:

2017 is almost over and still no scantily clad, busty “ring” gals in mtg tourneys. Im out.

Siege Hawks says:

Need to put a small readable pic of the card they play

codescubridor says:


Magidex says:

Miracles isn’t a fucking thing anymore. Stop with the fucking miracle check. Looks so fucking stupid.

54m0h7 says:

I don’t see how Gerry made so much energy in game 2. At 17:30 Oliver killed his Whirler, he took his energy from 7 to 1 to make 2 thopters, but then changed it to a 4 for some reason. He did put 2 tokens down. Did I miss something?

Daniel Price says:

I wish I could read the cards! these videos of this tournament aren’t very inviting to people who are casual magic players

Martin Taylor says:

Good – so sick of energy builds and Gerry Thompson’s face XD

kitoxme says:

i love this “gerry did cheat tough” comments… every final game has those comments from ppl that doesn’t even know how to play lol

y2923 says:

Jeezus, essence extraction was used in the pro tour

Cool Station says:

My favorite pack is the Nissa pack

Henrik Solheim says:

early hay past fluid mere promising clean destination divorce painting full.

Hafa Ball says:

can someone explain whats happening

Ken Tadeo says:

Hate people who figdet with their cards. Most annoying thing I’ve ever seen.

Kevin Franco says:

Joffrey doppel vs a dude who wears a beanie indoors with a tee shirt, what a final

Guts 505 says:

I want to learn to play this

kanyewest315 says:

Oliver used to play yugioh didn’t he

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