Massive Cheating Caught At Recent MTG Tournament

A HUGE percentage of the decks checked for added cards were found to be cheating at a recent tournament, implying that enormous numbers of players are cheating. Legit players are beyond pissed off about this and Wizards, as usual, is doing nothing. So, why not make a video about it?

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Ellit Bo says:

When you said “you have better odds of finding”, I thought you were gonna say nemo XD.

Erroneous Bosch says:

99% sure people at my LGS stack sealed events. It’s effed up to say the least.

Jason Carto says:

They can make it an E-sport of the make each match digital.
This eliminates cheating, tbh

Rhoomba Whack says:

Here’s the rundown on the stalling incident in Pokemon from a Pokemon player: It’s a really gray area. The rulebook says any kind of intentional cheating, but that tournament gave players 30 seconds or something to make a rule. Add that an average BO3 series that completes will take close to 65-70 minutes and that the player was playing the second slowest deck in format and it makes sense. He also one the first game, so by not losing the second, he one the series. The other player probably didn’t talk to the judge, and even then, the stalling player’s play wasn’t overly slow. Stalling is just one of the really gray areas of the game.

Sugoi Bushi says:

I went to a GP in Houston where a guy literally had a friend standing beside me looking at my hand. I chose bounce / draw for a cryptic and he said OK, acknowledging it. :Then after I drew a card he said in response I’m going to bounce my KotR. The judge stopped the game and went to find the head judge. When he left, my opponent’s friend walked to the other side of the table and started whispering to my opponent. Not only did he not get a game loss (Round 4 and I was 3-0) , I GOT A WARNING. WTF is wrong with these judges? He wated to flash in his aven mindsensor when I fetched, in order to save it for the tezz in my hand he had no idea I even had. The judge was gone almost 20 minutes and We got 5 minutes continuation. When all was said and done, it ended in a draw with me @ 100 billion life and 100 billion thopters (Plus Ironworks to make more infinitely) on turn 5. I tilted out of the tournament at that point. I will never forgive that piece of shit opponent, his friend, or the PoS judges and head judges there who screwed me over. It was rediculous.

jonathan rose says:

ha you said doo doo

Daniel Despres says:

WOTC doesn’t pay their judges?! Are you serious?!
Is this an actual thing?

DemDemons says:

I rly wish that Wizards would take the blizzard initiative…..

Mortac says:

Desolator you’re such a faggot i hope you kys. fucking loser

Cory Goodman says:

“I would have jumped across the table” “I would have punched him in the face blah blah blah”

no you wouldn’t, pussy.

justin vertefeuille says:

cheating is uncatchable if the cheater is smart. You just take out the same rarity and replace it with your own card of same rarity. So take the crap rare write down glorybringer, do the same with all the uncommons or commons you want. My last FNM had 4 guys who rarely show up and they all had absolutely insane decks. They also all happened to take smoke breaks between rounds and during deck building. Oh and they all got top 4.

Jon Hershman says:

Unfortunately you can’t sue someone retroactively to take back earnings for past illegal actions that you can’t prove happened. He got away with what he got away with. Glad he was banned as soon as he was caught.

Lance Kraft says:

I absolutely agree with lifetime bans for first offense. Magic is ruined by cheaters. Bye.

davidmitchell31 says:

You should try to apply to be a judge at a grand prix or pro tour. You could use your poker skills to catch all the cheaters and clean up the game yourself.

Aaron Van Leeuwen says:

I’m actually surprised that you, Travis, unsleeved media, etc. don’t make like a giant petition for like having more deck/pool checks, deck checks after the match, for lap draw, or even empty out your pockets and take off your coat, etc. like if someone wrote a petition for wizards, i would 100% back up that petition

Jonathan Norfolk says:

I called that cheating dickbag two years ago for cheating at PT Eldritch Moon Finals…….the Judge only warned him the first time and ignored the following 4 times. What did he do? Watched his shuffle face up………..

Hot Coldman says:

You cant prove he cheated at the other tournaments so nothing can be done. But otherwise fuck him and fuck cheaters

Jake Giganti says:

Not sure if this guy was extremely lucky or cheating but at my Amonkhet pre-release weekend, I fought against this one guy at all three events and the first two times I did he claimed that he didn’t pull anything great, but on Sunday, this dude had three fucking Rhonas’s in his deck. Three!

Fresh Young says:

you sound like ross from friends

Bret Schafer says:

I like the idea of the bannings, but perhaps a rule of three; simple enough get caught cheating once: 3 year ban, twice: 5 year ban, and if you are caught cheating a third time that’s where the lifetime ban would be in affect you’re name is blacklisted on an official list so you cant even enter local card shop tournaments

Toxiix - Blitz says:

Why is there so many cheaters?

Gage Geigle says:

LOL! The By System is such a joke. I took third place at FNM because I had one loss and two by’s.

MsNokomys says:

At the Amonkhet pre-re my second opponent had these in his deck: Invo Hazoret, Oketra, Harsh Mentor x2 (one promo), 3 Magma Sprays, at least 3 on color cartouches, at least 2 on color trials…and a bunch of other good shit I can’t remember. If I opened that shit I’d be calling a judge to prove I opened it.

I was also unlucky enough to play against 2 Gisela’s in the Eldritch Moon pre-re (one promo) but she had a judge verify her pool.

Dale Mackenzie says:

what is the game that you’re playing?

xxNutcasexx says:

I don’t think taking adoral should be considered cheating.

Roger Hurtubise says:

An ex friend of mine was taught how to play by Alex Bertoncini, than he got busted, and I asked her do you respect a friend despite him being a cheat, and she said he felt horrible, and the usual nonsense people espouse when they get busted. Anyways it’s kinda funny how she said she respected his integrity. #irony of the year

Cory Goodman says:

I get wanting drug tests for shit like Adderall (or any amphetamine salts or drugs with similar effects) or things that would vastly improve your mental function upon consumption, however I do disagree with drug testing in general. if they are going to drug test, I think there should be a specific “banned list” as opposed to just drug testing and having consequences for anything showing up. if pot shows up, so be it; that shouldn’t be punished. the only thing pot will do is open up your blood vessels; that isn’t helping you in magic. if someone is prescribed Xanax, so be it; they should be allowed to take the Xanax. if someone wants to play on mushrooms or acid, they should be allowed to do so without the fear of repercussions; there are cops there for that.

The Dragon's Flagon says:

Wizards will not take prizes back that were won before he was DQ’d.

Black Cascade says:

yo but why are you just playing Skyrim while talking about this tho?

Michael Bowen says:

LOL I like your GP SWAT team deck check idea

johnyramble says:

He probably doesn’t have the money to give it back. People spend.

Paul Daly says:

Never been to a GP but I feel like I’d ask for a judge check after every single sealed round on the principle of it should have been done beforehand. And as you said, if they get annoyed, then I’m happier about the judge coming over.

Bruce Lawson says:

I was gonna watch this video but i hate when people play games and have discussions

cavemanben says:

While the $45k seems like a lot, they would have spent more to sue that player, then also need proof of his cheating to even consider. A pattern of cheating found later will not convince a judge or jury of cheating in the past without evidence.

prosper waldmann says:

This is all speculation and secondhand info that sounds pretty warped and all very open stereotypes that I resent…

Elihu Whipple says:

Why so many dislikes? is this considered the “Edgy” magic channel?

Brad Carter says:

channelfireball cheating?? idk about that

MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt says:

People see others succeed by CHEATING… and wizard is doing NOTHING. people who WIN because of CHEATS get to keep HUGE rewards and winnings!! … So no wonder other people start cheating .. its messed up… Im not defending cheaters.. but the system now is FUCKED UP NOT enough is being done to stop cheaters

Brian McElligott says:

Just thought of an amazing drinking game! Take a shot every time des says ‘cheating’ would literally be on the floor lol!!

christopher lacey says:

This is actually very true. I lost at GP Orlando because this kid had Heart of Kiran game 1, 2, AND 3.. The first game I had immediate artifact removal and beat him.. The 2nd game, I had the removal, but he also had an incredible 1st turn toolcraft exemplar into heart and was on the play.. so he managed to out-tempo me due to also having some flying beaters.. The 3rd game, I just couldn’t find any of the 2 or 3 artifact hate I had in my limited pool that I was running/boarded in and lost to yet another turn 2 heart. I shook the kids hand, but I did say I felt cheated because who honestly draws Heart of Kiran in their opening hand 3 out of 3 games in sealed? After I mentioned it, the kid took his deck and ran off with his friend who had come at the very end of the match, making me even more suspicious as the moment I said I felt like I was cheated, he up and ran off without saying anything. I got a judge over and talked to him about it and the judge was all like- eehh, well.. It’s not unheard of.. having it in your opening hand 3/3 games (2nd game he took 1 mulligan, no mulligans the other 3 games), but highly suspicious and improbable. As we all know, it is incredible if you can pull a Heart of Kiran in your limited pool, not to mention that is pretty much impossible to have 2 in your deck being mythic rare.

That’s the problem with playing those casual drafts/sealed events that fire at GPs.. because they’re more casual and don’t have the capability of enforcing a deck list unlike the highly competitive tournaments, but I imagine random “extras” find their ways even into the competitive limited scene as well. I am airing on the side that this high school/college looking kid snuck an extra copy or 2 of heart into his sealed pool and beat everyone with it to make a quick run at prize tickets, which was a pretty shitty thing to do to me and everyone else tbh. I was the other finalist until he beat me in that tournament. Granted, I have been playing since ’94 ish and have seen a lot of shit in my time, but every so often you get excited by the draft environment and give it a go, only to be reminded and pissed off that you got beat most likely by a little cheater and wasted your time because he/she needed to make a quick buck. GPs are so freaking expensive to attend and the whole thing really turned me off towards playing magic any where else other than my house with my friends, but that wasn’t too difficult as I hardly go to big events / GPs or even FNM these days.

People take that shit too seriously and it ends up being a big waste of time and money. I find it better to just spend your time and money investing in magic, tinkering with decks at home or online, or shopping around for good deals as the cost savings > any tournament earnings even for veteran / good players.

Command Tower says:

The highest level tournament I’ve ever played in was a PPTQ at the beginning there were 40 people in the first four rounds of the sealed event they did one random check for two players out of eight total random checks seven were caught cheating by the fourth round they were 17 people left and I was told that over half the people were kicked out because of cheating I never thought the cheating was this bad of a problem

Dee Guedes says:

Why is Woo barely functioning????? Talking shit???

Kekistani Necromemecer says:

3:00 I’ve cheated so little at anything in my life, I wouldn’t even know how to go about sneaking in extra cards to my sealed pool. I’ve honestly only cheated once. It was on a Spanish quiz in 7th grade. I got caught because I was so bad at it. I didn’t want to learn Spanish in the first place, but my school didn’t have any other choices…. >_>

Also, now I want to go play Skyrim, but I’ve got weightlifting to do.

Awesoem Awesoem says:

Lmao you are so mean towards specific people. you make some decent likable content tho, keep it up.

Cory Skinnon says:

you suck. twoo is great. 🙂 much love.

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