MTG Breakdown Rewind – Brian David-Marshall – New York Magic 1994

The format? Magic.

The decks? Bad.

Fireball? For 1.

Black Lotus, no sleeves? Check.

Ornithopter in a burn deck? Oh yeah.

Marshall sits down with his friend and Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall for a Rewind that goes about as far back as one can go.

BDM was instrumental in the early days of tournament Magic and we all owe a huge debt to him for his contributions to tournament Magic, coverage, the Pro Tour, the Hall of Fame, Magic content, and his commitment to the game we all love.

This tournament is from 1994, where there were no formats in Magic and where you had to build your own decks from scratch because Magic’s presence on the fledgling internet wasn’t established yet. It’s quite a ride! Enjoy!

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Beer Esq says:

Probably coolest thing I’ve seen on YouTube re: MTG. Amazing stuff.

spookypen says:


Crystal Pepsi lol

Anders Lauridsen says:

Amazing vid guys! More like this!

Riot55 says:

Imagine how many Black Lotuses were being casually thrown around and bent up.

Dan Bleichner says:

Wow, thanks guys! I was glued to the screen the whole time. Such incredible nostalgia…

Reigh-Leigh Foster DeBaie says:

4:19 is that Skeet Ulrich?!

nationalBAMN says:

We need to see the two finalists reacting to this video of themselves.

NileSings says:

This is incredible to watch!

ArmorOfGod says:

I wish I could have played in the early days, I was only 8 when the game came out though. My brother taught me how to play shortly after Tempest released, but it was the Invasion block when I got serious and started playing in tournaments and stuff.

Fernando Pieracciani says:

BDM is my hero

Christian Heesch says:

I was young when I started playing and my older cousin took me to play all over. If Tony used to wear a cowboy hat and duster jacket, I rode to events with him. I’m also pretty sure the blonde in the first 2 minutes of the video was Kelly who ran Thursday night magic at the Dragons Den on Central Ave. Cray

Daniel Makarewicz says:

BDM deserves to be credited with the first Magic the Gathering organized tournament play without him we would not have Grand Prix or the pro tour. This was so amazing to watch considering I was around this time

DrStealthbug says:

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw how they were handling those cards.

João Henrique Kiehn Junior says:

When the game was about “The Gathering”…
Happy to see this. Brings me back memories from what this game used to be.
All the “net decking”, the infamous reserved list, social justice is just ruining this amazing game.
It’s time for Wizards and Hasbro look back and try to understand what made people start playing at first.
They would make a lot more money if they were able to understand what puts 200 nerds inside a room playing unsleeved cards.

Jan Pouwels says:

Wow, what a nice video and story from Brian-David And Marshall.

Sara Wilcker says:

I guess playing Old School would be the closest to playing like they did during this time.

psynque says:

I love the winner complaining about “netdecking” before the internet.

Dai 大 says:

That shuffling……. ouch.
This was REALLY fun to watch.

trexpaddock says:

4:19 Note, at that time it was just the Duelists Convocation. The ‘International’ part was added later. Back then, it was free to join, and they sent you free stuff in the mail, and there was a free news letter too.

Andy Swan says:

What a great piece of magic history. Thanks for making this video and all of MTG Breakdown. Always enjoyable.

Eggzie says:

I’m not even a Magic player and this was freaking cool to watch.

moe says:

omg the way that guy handled his card hurt my soul i just couldnt watch anymore

Mikey Millions says:

I was never a big fan of BDM, but now I’ve gained a new respect for him.

Pixel Perfect says:

Whoah I had no idea this channel existed. I am a Magic noob and love catching up on the history.

Markstache says:

all cards should have the value of the cards as they were perceived at the time this footage is captured. astronomical prices have ruined this game.

ladiesman2048 says:

Gimme a time machine I want to go there to win that tournament and make some good trades

Gavin S. says:

“He copied my deck!” Ha, some things never change.

laurence boubou says:

Wow this is gold!

Daniel Makarewicz says:

Tony Parodi was a legend he was the loudest an most intimidating judge during the original Gray Matter Events no one would even think about being shady when he was judging the floor such great memories

Shane Gedekoh says:


xcver says:

lol, my first tournament in 94 was also completely silly 🙂

Timothy Vandenberg says:

This is Epic! Thank you, Marshall & Brian! 🙂

Dead Noobie says:

Think that’s a Hammerheim on the left behind the Sol Ring around 15:20.

warwizard87 says:

I remember that kitchen table magic. So great

Dean says:

Thanks guys.
It was a real treat to watch this.

BlunderfulGuy says:

Omg the zoom in on the shuffling LOL! Great stuff.
*Wow. Really cool.

Mike Asterios says:

I didn’t even exist then. Wow

alphamone says:

I would love to see a picture of someone using cards in hard cases.

marcmarc1967 says:

Can you imagine the level of cheating that went on in that chaos?

Loomis2459 says:

And slowly they warped it over the years into “Value first. Game second.”

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