MTG SCG Open Worcester Tournament Results and Decklists

Today we look at the results of the Star City Games Open in Worcester and focus in on the cards from Magic the Gathering Core Set 2019 that played the largest role this weekend.

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Zelpoke says:

Could someone please explain why the bogles deck was running 4 daybreak champlain?

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Standard players which build are you thinking of playing for this next season? Also SCG had accidentally posted 4 Daybreak Chaplain instead of 4 Daybreak Coronet in the decklist for G/W Hexproof in Modern. They have since corrected it. I guess that makes more sense:)

Alex Kendall says:

I have a feeling brightling isn’t actually going to make it. Though, I haven’t played legacy so I’m not the best bet on that. Just seems like DnT wouldn’t want to keep mana open to use it unless it’s forced to.

Martin Olsen says:

So… I’m planning on build Nicol Bolas, The Ravager EDH deck… Should I grab my copy now at current price, or do you expect this to go down soon? Or could it go even higher ? It’s a tricky one to me…

Adam Miceli says:

RIP Deathrite Shaymin

GhostAce901 says:

I’m really confused what’s the teferi win condition?

Skywarp2099 says:

Bryant Cook is so good with Legacy storm that I’m pretty sure you could give him a potato and he could storm off on turn 1 and kill you. Dude is amazing.

As for D&T and Brightling, I’ve watched PleasantKenobi and other streamers who are prominent D&T players testing this card out. It is pretty underwhelming if not garbage. With the changes in the format, D&T players have been looking for any sort of creature that has the potential to push damage – equipment in absentia – while providing utility. The problem with Brightling, in Legace/Vintage, is because D&T uses their mana, and their lands as pseudo removal/control elements, the mana intensive abilities of Brightling become less impactful, relevant, or usable.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on the card, maybe other players are being to harsh on the card or are over-hyping it, but every time I’ve either drawn it (outside of EDH) I wish I would have drawn a Mirran Crusader, and that speaks volumes. 🙁

Jeremiah Bachmann says:

Why does Mono Green need 8 Lands that make Black??? #NotMonoGreen

Will says:

GO green!

Gaming fan says:

What about the arcane artisan from battlebond showing up in sneak and show? It’s gotten as pretty heavy spike because of that

Ready To Random says:


Mr. Variant says:

Yeah that steel leaf champion will trample teferi. Kinda like hak Foo in Jackie chan adventures: gorilla snaps frail twig sums up that matchup.

Surprised no goblin grenade/squee the immortal in that goblin deck.

Good Not Great Gaming says:

New into, I like it! Thank you for making these videos and providing such good information!

gabriel Hankinson says:

Demanding dragon is being under played

onniginno! says:

Did I just hear Deathrite SHAYMIN? 🙂

jim vilain says:

monoblack artifact (philactery lich)

waka 3d says:

Anyone know when commander 2018 spoilers start?

White Lion says:

Hei John, great video as usual!
Got a question for you, i got a few Bolas from sealed and i noticed its been dropping its price recently, where do you think it will land and should i sell or wait?

John Finlayson says:

I live close by and had no idea, I would have went to watch and meet some people.

A Colorblind Walrus says:

You seemed very excited

Gabriel Gonzales says:

Heros and Legends. I think that Daybreak Chaplins is suppose to be Daybreak Coronet! XD

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