MTG – The Most Needed Guilds of Ravnica Reprints from Magic: The Gathering

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Kydrou Kair Renner Oudre says:

Doubling Season? Broken Dream. Why?

What about Battlebond? Yeah. Because running 3 colors was not hard, the chances of having the cards to play them were slightly lower than the chances to find them in a match.

Cuddle Queen says:

Is that a scratch on the wall to the left there? What happened there, Prof?

Andrew Hord says:

I feel that there is a good chance that Bob (Dark Confidant) will return.
After all the professor was wrong about pretty much everything else.

kajillion says:

Hellbent is an ability word so it doesn’t’ need to appear on the card to get the full effect. We’ve seen landfall (another ability word) appear on cards like Sporemound without being written out so it’s possible to see Infernal Tutor reprinted without hellbent written on it.

Xtra unserious says:

I was bored watching this video, I wanted to see more of the professors MTG controversy

herp derp says:

Hey Prof.! Thank you for your awesome content! I’m happy to report a Chromatic Lantern reprint! Keep it up!


tofulo says:

the 2nd set is guildpact not dissension

Dynastavus says:

Imagine if they reprint deathrite Shaman

Dai 大 says:

WHAT? I bought 4 Infernal Tutors at the time for cheap.. didn’t know they went for aprox $20 these days.

Zachary Maier says:

Chromatic Lantern confirmed as a reprint in the new set. EDH players rejoice!

President KP says:

I’m new to MTG, I think I’m going to buy a box of this just to see what I can get and hopefully build a deck

GameProse says:

All the nostalgia. I got into MTG through the first Ravnica block.

Meme Lord says:

Doubling Season’s an absolute no due to the existence of Planeswalkers and the amount of ramp in Standard.

Steve Scruby says:

I will be shocked beyond words if they reprint Bob in a Standard-legal set.

Edit: I could be wrong, but I believe Leyline of the Void was printed in Guildpact, not Dissension.

Kanrail says:

Leyline of the Void is from Guildpact, not Dissension

Γιώργος Μίχλης says:

Most needed reprints i.m.o. : CYCLONIC fckn RIFT, chromatic lantern and ALL i say that again ALL signets. Also some other cards that are guild based…

Argrael says:

I believe in WOtC reprinting dark confidant but he will be mythic rare… Im very optimistic by nature. 😀

Miztickow says:

Hellbent is horrible. Heckbent plays so much better.

jaesaces says:

Surprised these comments weren’t jumping on the misspelling of “Privileged” in “Privileged Position.”

Cuddle Queen says:

6:06 What is that sound? Is that the blink sound?

Chris Brooke says:

As much as I desperately need a Doubling Season that was recently reprinted in BB so dont see a reprint again anytime soon. Im also hoping to be as wrong as the Prof though

Mana-Ramp-Matoran says:

They can’t put doubling Season back in standard due to how it breaks planeswalkers. At least that’s the bullshit reason Maro gives.

So what if there’s a Doubling Season combo deck in standard, print good enchantment removal and don’t worry about it.

Davi Mojica says:

Comment left

InferSader says:

At 3:08 you say Privileged Possession instead of Privileged Position.

Luis Alvarez says:

Modern masters failed because Bob, Snap and Lili recovered? This guy lol. Sounds like he wants Dark Confidant to drop to 5$ and stay there. News flash: people pay 10$ a pack because they’re hoping to open 30-40$ rares / mythics. They’re not hoping to open a 5$ Dark Confidant. You can say “players should only buy singles” all you want but WotC doesn’t make money from the secondary market. They still need to sell sealed products. If a reprint drops too much and doesn’t recover, THAT will be a failed product.

Enos666 says:

>Stitch in time.

Please dont.

Why? says:

Privileged position gets reprint

Márton Léránt says:

So here is a list of cards we WONT get…

Ron Bailey says:

If they were to bring back hell-bent (and I would love for this to happen) do you think we could get enough red/black madness cards to finally build something rivaling blue green madness from back in the day?

Angie Mudkip says:

Prof you’re so happy at 0:35

Ronald Wouters says:

Living in Belgium (Europe) I can’t even get it so f*ck Wizards and Hasbro

Fluff Buns says:

Not the best thing to watch while hangover

manubrex says:

Prof i love your channel but these price are too pumped. Everytime. Shattering spree is around 5 dollars, not 12. And I’m not completely sold out on the 50 dollars for a confidant

Brennan Clement says:

Not optimistic about most of the cards mentioned, but it would be dope to see them.

KensanOni says:

As long as you have Planeswalker’s, no way can you reprint Doubling Season and have instant ultimates. It just is too busted for standard.

Volkbrecht says:

When a card is under ten dollars despite having never seen a reprint, in my book that equals: doesn’t need a reprint. But why not crash one or two expensive Modern staples? It’s not like there aren’t any newer cards that are on the move up. I hardly ever sell any of my stuff, and time and again, when I check the singles binders at my LGS, I realize that some of my supposed bulk has actually moved to the two-digit range.

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