Mtg: Top 8 Decks from the First Tournament of Hour of Devastation Standard!

(Manabases and sideboards in link)
SCG Open Cincinnati took place this weekend, and the hype machine was in full swing for the first tournament of Hour of Devastation Standard! Standard is looking both more diverse and even a little more budget-friendly than it has in literally years right now, in my humble opinion, and the format looks like it has plenty of room to grow in the next few months before rotation hits and we start again. Four-color control won the day against a field full of other, more traditional control decks and a large compliment of resilient aggro decks.
A big takeaway from the weekend is that there is room for any kind of deck in this format, with aggro, midrange, and control decks all represented in the field and securing solid finishes. Even looking at just the top 8 is a near-microcosm of the format at large, with all three major deck types present in multiples.
Dev examines each deck that finished in the top 8 so that we can best figure out how to proceed in the completely full standard format! Rejoice, because we’re pretty sure standard is good again!

*Check the comments section for the link to these decks. For some reason I can’t get it to post the link correctly in the description. Thanks and sorry!

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laidout21 says:

that 4c control deck reminds me of Jon Finkel’s btw back in world champs.

Alexander Xiong says:

Does AFFLICT trigger twice if a creature has menace?????

samouflage99 says:


MTGandME says:

Love the signoff 🙂

Trevor Pister says:

Anybody else running Red/White Exert Aggro using Combat Celebrant and Vizier of the True as focuses?

Quinzell Williams says:

do a standard deck with The Locust God

Alexander Tavarez says:

The only thing I can say is that blizzard has “pretty much” made all critical cards rare or better. There is definitely a degree of pay to win going on.

And yes, of course it makes sense for them to do so. I just miss the days where a deck of 20 commons could still win the tournament.

sOmeOne_yOu_dOnt_knOw says:

thoughts on what will replace tireless tracker after the block cycles?

Tera Bot says:

That was the best ending to your videos I’ve ever seen.

halocombat43 says:

Pff TEMUR best mid range? My JUND deck would disagree.

Veikko Elo says:

You should type out the landbases for all decks. Especially the landbase in the mono red was really informative.

Martin Olsen says:

What a surprise! That top deck… so cool!

Dick Johnson says:

im waiting for rotation to try standard again, i want to care about standard right now but i just dont

OCTele2 Astro Buddy says:

Love the vids man! Keep them coming!

LowKingShadowCry says:

Hi Dev, my name is uriah vargas.
ive been playing magic for 6 years now. ive never been into the politics or speculations of the game ive jus always enjoyed playing casual creative decks. i have a modern deck id like to share with you, its abzan aristocrats. i wanted to know if you could tinker with the deck & make a side bored & deck tech video. if you dont, i understand you cant accept ever request. heres the deck hope you enjoy.
Cartel Aristocrat X4
Doomed Traveler X4
Tukatounge Thalid X4
Xathrid Necromancer X4
Thraben Doomsayer X2
Blood Artist X2
Other Spells:
Abzan Acendancy X3
Spirit Bonds X2
Culling Dais X2
Intangible Virtue X2
Lingering Souls X2
Luminarch Ascension X2
Demonic Tutor
Abrupt Decay
Devouring Greed
Leyline Of Sanctaty
Sorin, Solem Visitor
Elspeth, Knight Errant
Elspeth, Sun’s Champion
Forest X4
Plains X4
Swamp X4
Evolving Wilds X3
Sandsteppe Citadel
Godless Shrine
Temple Of Silence
Woodland Cemetary.
Thanx Dev.

Eric Hansen says:

You wanted some comments about the standard. I just think there are too many cards and choices now. Which in its own right is okay. But I’ve noticed following you for the past two years that I wish rotation would’ve happened or In other words I can’t wait for rotation to happen. Like earlier on say in kaledesh a deck tech in a red you ran the crap outta the card reckless bushwacker and I’ve noticed in your decks you stick to cards mainly in the most recent set. Which is good. it’s good but we have so much to use and mess with right now. Like does anyone run werewolves now or vampires doesn’t have to be tribal but it’s cool there were obscure decks here and there but we usually use cards from the newest set. But with great power comes…. or absolute power corrupts….. ha ha. What I’m saying is I think rotation will either A. wreck many a deck or B. Recreate the same problems in Khans correct me if I’m wrong. But like you said Standard is good now if not too good.

Diego Lima says:

That ending though xD

Christian Heesch says:

loving the diversity in the format

Mark Niedomys says:

If this is the way that standard will shape up I am excited. There are diverse deck lists, I like the budget aspect AND there is ways to deal with all of these top 8 decks and that’s exciting. I am slightly worried that control decks will get more oppressive as the season goes on but only time will tell

Donovan Powell says:

Dev I love your content, but it would be cool if you included a timestamp in your description for a TL;DR portion at the end of your video because this one is LOOONG. Thanks for your great content!

Argeaux2 says:

I’m not a guy.

Maarten Willigenburg says:

I love diversity in standard. And the budget decks made it possible for me to begin competing is standard. so yes i love this standard. Btw love the powerline quotes!

Seraph says:

Thanks for mentionning A Goofy Movie, now I have to go watch it.

Coroner Death says:

Hey Dev, what do you think of a blue white Panharmonicon deck using champion of Whits?

Adam Wizbicki says:

dude I love decks with one and 2 of’s , that control deck looked awesome…I build my abzan decks weird like that

Hi im Jude says:

Nice video and nice cat

Lance Nuckolls says:

Still boring. So sick of BFZ and Eldritch Moon crap.

Crozz says:

the way you ended this video….. you a dam dork and thats why i come here, that and the deck techs

Tim Body says:

Black Red Deck Tech?

jun2art says:

Question regarding the Majestic Myriarch. Does the power and toughness change as creatures enter and leave the battlefield? I can’t find any rulings on that. Please help.

Leoš Kučera says:

I think the 4-color emerge is my soul deck. It was pleasure to watch. Id buy it if it wouldnt rotate in 3 months :/

Malice Mage says:

You put out some seriously quality content, you could add SO much to your channel as a whole if you did more than just sit on a couch (don’t take that as a slight). Keep it up

Brad Carter says:

yea but after pt hour of devastation people will get ahold of the actual best decks and it will dwindle down quite a bit.

zedrick jaramillo says:

the first place deck is built somewhat similarly to a commander deck

fateric007 says:

I love there is a lot diversity until next rotation.

Redweevil says:

Why do people call U/W Monument aggro? The point of the deck is to grind out more advantage than any deck can possibly achieve then win the late game with Ormendahl

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