Pro Tour 25th Anniversary Round 5: Utter-Leyton, Stark, Juza vs. Anghelescu, Wijaya, Nettles

Spoiler alert–the team of three Hall of Fame pros is doing well at this tournament. True story. That would be Josh Utter-Leyton, Ben Stark, and Martin Juza. At 4-0 and tearing through the field, their next victims, er, opponents were Jonathan Anghelescu, Vidianto Wijaya, and Logan Nettles.

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Whisky Tango Foxtrot says:

…….there are coaches now? Wow

Nathaniel Thomas says:

The commentary at these events feel very sub par. I feel spoiled with cedric and patrick from SCG.

RASK1904 says:

very boring…?

Philip Baker says:

KCI, the new Lantern Control of modern. So incredibly boring to watch, and just as miserable to play against.

Vardaris says:

Goertzen: I expect to see high-level magic from those players…
Utter-Leyton forgets to attack.

Boydston Suleiman says:

The purity of Simon asking Marshall if he’s heard of Quadrant Theory, and Marshall responding with a simple ‘I have indeed’, is what the world needs now…

Noah Jaffe says:

57:35: “And we see Chandra wanting to drive her dad…”

barbosa300 says:

Ironworks Combo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the2ndbestNameever says:

Thanks for not showing the 3rd Legacy game…

bullywag says:

fooook..shuffle more…these guys need to lay off the caffeine…can they sit still?

Jason Smith says:

The beginning clip montage makes it sound like a medieval movie seen, people screaming in anguish from battle wounds

Jason Rohr says:

KCI is going to get banned. These kind of decks are not fun for the format. It’s cool, but it’s not fun.

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