Pro Tour Amonkhet Finals: Gerry Thompson vs. (22) Yuuya Watanabe

The finals of Pro Tour Amonkhet pits No. 22 ranked Yuuya Watanabe of Musashi against Gerry Thompson of Mutiny. In this match between Temur Aetherworks Marvel and Mono-Black Zombies, who will come out on top?

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Christopher Castle says:

Been ages since I’ve seen a mono-black deck win something. As a blue player I’m quite impressed.

Dtrollmancan says:

wow so the guy gets the ulamog and the game is over……………………..WIIIIIIIII FUNNNNNNNNNN im wating for 1 CARD AND I WIN WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I LOVE IT

oldchannel_Animation says:

glad to see that SHIT deck of a marvel get rekt

Cameron Holker says:

Great job Gerry and both of you!

Andres Gonzalez says:

at 43:57 how does Yuuya block the dire graf with 4 creatures? I’m sort of new, i always assumed you can only block with 1 creature

FlamingGaming YT says:

What is a marvel deck?
Ive played for a while but ive never heard of it

Erik Rasmussen says:

i just started playing more but its still at home and im sure theres many things im flat out doing wrong.

the way they keep their mana on the table confuses me. is it sorted by color? i would just keep my mana side by side

Sjoerd Bosma says:

I haven’t followed/watched Magic for more than a year or so. Could someone explain me why they’re wearing headphones, like they’re playing a videogame?! Looks like it takes away the social aspect of a duel. Thanks!

thomas3816 says:

Any idea what sleeves Gerry uses for his Zombie tokens? thanks!

Haannibal777 says:

Liliana vs Eldrazi. Liliana won again.

Jake G says:

Does anybody have the link to buy the sleeves Gerry Thompson is using? They look great.

Satan Gunner says:

wait a minute, now the PT is team based? what is this focus of teams ? what does it f* matters? this is a solitary game,it’s not worlds. im very pissed off

Armazillo says:

Is the Aether plot point an analogy for medical marijuana? I read the flavor text on Rogue Refiner and I was like, “Hmmm. I see.”

Buggus 003 says:

Did anyone hear of any Esper control style stuff? One would think Esper control zombies with a few Sorin’s would be pretty damn solid. Plus brain pick with delirium eliminating the aetherwork marvel train. Thoughts?

Colin Brown says:

I like it more when the Control decks rely on Planeswalkers. I feel like they are the most fair and satisfying win condition while also usually making fans of said character happy when it’s played. I really hope Nicol Bolas is the new win condition (or at least one of them) for Control decks in Hour of Devastation.

Abraham Rios says:

Watanabe lowkey looks rapey

Natural Super says:

Wow even in finals people make mana screw by chance. The mulligan rule needs to change

Eric Perez says:

Even the annotations say almond cat 55:03.

Lukáš Kudláček says:

Who else wants an aether hug?

GOLD izno says:

Format ?

Don says:

You gotta pause it at *56:29* to catch the face *{::^_^::}*

Andy Gonzalez says:

whoever made black card is ridiculous, they are designed to be OP and extremely mana conservative.

Dalton Dee says:

you know it’s funny watching this now with Marvel being banned. that takes away that entire deck

Sebastian Stiefel says:

where could one get Gerry Thompson’s sleeves

BigBryan says:

I see that they returned to the regular finals format. I guess the stepladder format for the finals of the last PT didn’t sit well with fans.

Rodolfo Sanchez says:

its like listening to limited resources

mdiem says:

So glad to see Zombies on top!

Martyn Lyon says:

After watching most of the weekend live I’m still having nightmares where all I can hear is ‘mahwehhhhhhh…………..mehyewwwwwwww………………’

Cyber Rittengrem says:

Play kozilek’s return, then play ulamog the ceaseless hunger triggering kozilek’s return from the graveyard killing everything plus exiling two swamps.

Kevin Flagler says:

the day energy counters rotate out of standard, i’m cracking a Pappy 23 year.

Vindsvelle says:

Does any one else find it abrasive when one’s opponent fidgets incessantly like Watanabe?

ZonkoTheGreat 2000 says:

Where do you get these songs on 5:50?!

nothing4mepls says:

Very glad to see a zombie deck not only destroy the Marvel Menace, but completely decimate the entire tournament. Great coverage, congratulations to everyone involved, especially Gerry.

Nicholas Fanzo says:

not mulliganing game one was very foolish. mtg 101.

Saint Shaka says:

wow! they shuffle their decks and hands so smooth, teach me how to do that anyone have youtube link?

Silas E. Quester says:

Why are they wearing headphones with mics?

BlackDragonWave says:

Huge win for Gerry, he’s a great guy, definitely deserves this, and I am super happy for him. I also want to recognize: time after time, I see Yuuya being incredibly gracious and sporting, even when losing. I remember when he also lost to Cifka’s eggs deck in the finals of PT RTR; while there was little he could do except for wait for the combo and hope for a fizzle, the whole time he was incredibly pleasant with not one bit of salt. Hats off to two amazing players in this Pro Tour finals, not just for being great at magic, but also for being awesome people!

Christian Caffera says:

Let’s go over the decks:
Green-Red-Blue Aetherworks (NOT Temur because there are no temur cards in the deck and most people understand just the colors):

Oh? You wanna cast a 10+ CMC card on turn four? GO RIGHT AHEAD!
Sideboard can be much improved

Remember when they reversed the standard cycle? The deck wouldn’t be as powerful if they reversed this decision.

If you don’t like the way standard is, you may want to check out Des.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this comment was banned.

Brian Warner says:

And this is why I don’t watch M.T.G. ProTour anymore. The final round and, alot of the ones before it are told to be thrown or won. Yuuya kept hands he would never keep EVER. He then played like crap on purpose to lose games he could have easily won. We have it here on video AGAIN!!!!!

BBcore Erocbb says:

Anyone know where can buy/ find Gerry Thompson protection sleeves ??

Little D Yu-Gi-Oh! says:

In my opinion Marvel is broken and it should be banned

John Innawoods says:

i really don’t understand how Ulamog hasn’t been banned.

Dylan Mooney says:

anyone else just picture LSV face palming at some of the stuff the other dude says? haha

Varnell McGee says:

After winning game two did Gerry shuffle his entire sideboard into his deck?

luke kamella says:

Why the head sets

Henry Darr says:

Well done Gerry !

jay moon says:

I hate watching people shuffle their hands

MidnightBlood17 says:


Unbroken anyone?

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