Pro Tour Dominaria Round 8 (Standard): Andrea Mengucci vs. Ernest Lim

Only four players entered round 8 undefeated. Only two will leave similarly unblemished. In one corner we have No. 11 Andrea Mengucci, sporting the Red-Black Midrange (aka Goblin Chainwhirler) deck that’s the talk of the tournament. In the other, unranked Ernest Lim sporting Esper Control in a room where most agreed you simply wanted the white and blue portions of that deck. But Lim stood fast and an undefeated Day 1 at Pro Tour Dominaria might just be in the cards for him.


Pietro .Campodonico says:

Damn, that phoenix:( feels bad

And That's Ok says:

I feel bad for Andrea, a misplay so tiny cost him the game. Hell, it wasn’t even fully a misplay, just a different line of thought could have won it.

Alan Feng says:

How come Andrea Megucci didn’t play Force of Will or Deathrite Shaman? I didn’t know he played any other decks

Jim Fitzpatrick says:

It’s time for that haircut, Jonny!

Drecon84 says:

Scarab God is such s stupid card. “Oh I’m at twenty and you’ve resolved your 5-drop. Scoop”

The Frizmeister says:

Love the new camera tech!

David Allan says:

I would prefer if the camera just cut to the view rather than zooming in and flipping, makes me dizzy

Rudiboy RiP says:

I like the new camera, helps us mobile phone users see the cards better. I would recommend making the side and bottom borders smaller to maximize the gameplay.

julio martini says:

yeah ofcourse 3 contempts ion a row hahaha know the feeling

Daniel Alexandre says:

Nice job with the New camera angles
Really like the zooms in on critical points

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