Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica Finals

Two players. One match. One trophy. Andrew Elenbogen of Cardboard Live and Luis Scott-Vargas face off in the finals of Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica to see who will walk away with $50,000 and the title of Pro Tour champion.

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Ryan Showalter says:

I like the old school Plains use.

Skyler Lon Smith says:

boring games

Pavel Šimek says:

Don’t understand the blame on the mulligan rule here. LSV knew the risks he is taking when not keeping the 7 cards and then even 5 cards. Not even mentioning the deck archetype that simply can’t come back from so many mulligans.

Die Ramme says:

What the hell is wrong with their hands ?!?! The entire turn , the entire game they’re mixing and looking and sorting and whatever their handcards….. This is so stupid ….. They need medication for this nervous behavior

Der Kobold says:

Recently went back to magic after 15 years and what do I find? Aggro decks only and even almost the same ones. Sadly points out how much luck based and unbalanced Magic has become or was it always that way?

Yo Comrade says:

What kind of tablet is Andrew using?

john williams says:

go fist win, go first win, go first win, go first win, mulligan lose. What more can i say :/

xiDieGaming says:

F*** that rocking chair

Nj Njhjh says:

I dunno, I think having a loss due to mulligan would have felt worse if it had happened earlier

LightningGmr says:

Always love seeing Luis Scott-Vargas playing 😀 and to Andrew I have shakes in my head and I love playing don’t let people discourage that movement 🙂 it didn’t bug me in the slightest c:

R.C. Beringuela says:

Does one of the CFB guys take turns to have a spot at commentary each year? Last year it was LSV’s turn and this year it’s Reid Duke’s?

Corrie De Beer says:

Reid duke does a good impression of a woman.

Mazzacane M says:

Is Andrew on drugs ?

Phillip Collette says:

Honestly, these matchups just seemed like “whoever goes first wins.”

WB says:

A wiser fella once said, sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, the bear eats you

Nick Safford says:

I never mulligan to four. LSV is one of my favorite players, I have no place to fault him. Once you mulligan to five or less, your odds of winning get significantly worse. He probably would have won if he had a decent six but he’s LSV, he’ll be back in the top 8.

Daniel Weseloh says:

Turned it on, saw another Pro Tour Aggro Mirror Match final, and turned it off. Took me thirty seconds. Boring as fuck.

asambi69 says:

Such a shame LSV had to mulligan to 4. I think his Original 7 was good enough but land heavy.

Tim Z says:

All decks are just boros/red-white aggro, what is this! A diverse meta?

Jim Fitzpatrick says:

I love LSV but he doesn’t look well. I hope he’s ok.

CodMillo says:

LSV is a legend!

Kiegan Boersma says:

lsv’s weigh fluctuates so much. is this his final form?

LiangHuBBB says:

MTG is awesome

SaildierSenior says:

the rocking back and forth like an autistic child is really distracting

GToul13 says:

Whoever plays first in this mirror match has a huge advantage

Proccs says:

Man I just feel so bad for Lsv there mulling to 4 in the last match is just brutal, I imagine that Andrew was thinking “I wanted the win but not like this” with his head in his hands.

Noname Nobody says:

Final table mirror match AGAIN.
Nice to know #Boros is the best of the GoR set…

containeduniverse low says:

HOW did the game of magic get out of the TESTING stage with such a horrible game design? Lands in the same deck as the spells? So, you’re telling me they tested for this nonsense call “mana flood/screw” and still thought it was ok create? There’s a good chance the mana resources I need are going to ruin the game so I can’t even play?

They better do something about this, because NEW games are emerging and SEE the ancient MTG flaws with mana in the deck.

This game can not be taken seriously with such a design issue.

A deck with 60 spells and a deck with 35 lands would’ve been PERFECT, especially with the cards being DESIGNED around the aspect.

This has happened far too many times in high stakes play.

Lee Edwards says:

Such a shame it finished with a mull to 4.

Robert Thomas says:

Fuck lsv, lose weight bro

Gage ryan Fellow says:

I love how Paul is so squished between marshal and reid

Daniel Peace says:

God damn white brainless decks

Joe Black says:

Can’t stand the stupid unnecessary shuffling of the cards in hand and the dude flexing them…fucking most of us mtg guys have the movement habits of crackheads

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