Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Finals: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs. Samuel Pardee

There’s a ton on the line in the finals of Pro Tour Hour of Devastation: Thousands of dollars, a place in history, the Player of the Year title, a ton of “Pardee time” puns–and it’s worth the price of admission. Bring a seat, though you’ll only need the edge.


Ed Findlay says:

That should have been Wing winning it. That damn blunder he did cost him the Championship.

Chatao Lauj says:

Think I’ll start playing some Standard once Ixalan releases.

Axel Bloodmoon says:

Why does Marshall say that hazoret won the game at 46:15? Was it just some sort of odd mistake or am I not getting something?

Ryan S says:

I’m a grixis or jund player but I definitely like seeing a mono red deck sweat it out and win. Different type of satisfying. Also guys a friend and I have worked a long time on making a game that has some inspired elements of magic but has anime influences made for mobile. It pulls from a lot of different things. Check us out on kickstarter, search “hiraethia”

Franzdodlmann says:

what are they using the headsets for?

FluffyFractalshard says:

why do I always watch the finals first spoiling the rest of the top 8 for me -.-^^

Tempest Storm Gaming says:

Sam Pardees swamps are old… we are talking 1996 or something… I recognize the art, I own a few

Legend of Eon says:

I was cheering for Damo Da Rosa

Ray n says:

Hello Virgins

Get Control of Magic the Gathering says:

Go watch,like, and subscribe to my channel

Sam Marek says:

Everyones complaining about aggro and bad standard and all this bullshit. Standard will never be a perfect healthy environment and there will always be a dominant archetype. It’s fine.

KAMLU says:

love PVDDR’s worn to shreds deckbox

A Poker Life says:

Why does 99.9% of money go to WOTC??? The players win peanuts compared to what they should be paid in prize support.

Phillip Collette says:

“Hazoret finishes the job…”Earthshaker finished it.  Not to mention getting lifetotals wrong more than once.
I swear these announcers pay attention to nothing.

zurran00 says:

Every game g/b lost this weekend it wanted bontu’s last reckoning.

Synthetic Reign says:

I understand that certain sets wind up favoring certain archetypes, but I am SICK of aggro. You have 60 cards in a deck, the game should not be over by the time only 6 cards have been played, that’s absurd. I hope Ixalan is very strategic and control based so players like me that actually enjoy games lasting longer than 4 minutes can have some fun again. Shuffling should not be taking nearly twice as long as the game you just played. I get that each archetype can have its set in the sun, but I’m ready for aggro to be finished as basically the only truly viable archetype right now. Just my opinion, so if you like aggro that’s great, but I personally want to play longer games of Magic again.

joel jefferson says:

Brasil pow

Ddraig 24 says:

What sleeves does samuel use??

OffiChan says:

I see Ramunap Red way too often, same is true for Ramunap Red vs BG Constrictor.

CeRocks says:

Do they switch decks in case it comes to a 2-2? I´m kinda confused rightnow…

Charalampos T says:

They let aggro back in the game and standard became interesting again. So intense games in the top 8, good plays, punts, crazy top decks. Aggro and tempo are the most entertaining archetypes to watch

Dante says:

Why they have a Headset?

Benjamin Burt says:

Keep in mind, everyone, that the Pro Tour is not a ‘solved’ meta. Remember Pro Tour Khans when Jeskai aggro made up 3 top 8 spots, but in GP Antonio in November, there was only 1, and it included 8 more creatures. To say that Standard is cancerous or stale is a serious overstatement, as there are answers to the dominating deck.

justin vertefeuille says:

Weird a lot of people made decks to beat mono red and still got weeded out

shrone dobson says:

great job wizard’s having this up so soon thank you.

BigBryan2 says:

I love that Magic POTY is determined exclusively on points earned. So many different games and sports include a fan vote in the mix, which I immediately exclude as legit since there’s always a lot of bias from fans in those votes.

Nicolau BR says:


Adam Voltz says:

The Brazilian guy has a name straight out of one piece lmao

leovaeg says:

shitty 3-minute games like this is what kills Standard for non-superPros, all that time and effort, just to lose in 3 minutes to some schmuck playing a bunch of uber-aggro

BMAD says:

49:26 lol

Josh Dracoian says:

Feels good to see a red aggro/midrange deck to win a major tournament.

Michael DeGrave says:

4 minute game, 5 minutes shuffling, 4 minute game, 6 minutes shuffling, 2 minute game, 4 minutes shuffling…

Mojo Nator says:

i just randomly watched this match, I occasionally play magic and know a good understanding of the mechanics and stuff but this is the first protour match I have ever watched and I had no idea what was happening or how the matches were finishing so quickly, could someone please explain

Joseph Freese says:

Wonderful job on this series MTG. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

Lucky Ducky says:

wow, maria’s boobies, i just want to play with em

9hannes9 says:

Congrats to Pablo Doritos

ZonkoTheGreat 2000 says:

Is that Ixalan trailer music in 5:27?

Ima Robot says:

Are all of the announcers delusional? they kept saying that Hazoret won the match, but Paulo Eternalized the Earthshaker khenra and never even cast the Hazoret? Like??? tell me im wrong here?

TheWeirdestDinosaur says:

dear mtg, i am making a green and black commander deck based around garruk the apex predator. any card suggestions?

Starkesis says:

Tfw you’re hyped about watching the Pro Tour for deck ideas, but over 98% of players are only running only red, black, UB, UR, GB or Temur…….
This is why having teams in it make it increasingly stale and boring.

Jared Hill says:

I don’t get how black/green constrictor was meant to work well against Ramunap Red when it doesn’t have lifesteal or healing effects, is it purely the Walking Batista?

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