Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Quarterfinals: Samuel Black vs. Felix Leong

Two red decks? In the Top 8 of the Pro Tour? This must be a wild coincidence! (*Checks Top 8 lists*) Or it was clearly the best deck at the tournament. Watch as Sam Black and Felix Long try to burn each other out at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation.


Drecon84 says:

I think it’s actually very important to mulligan aggressively when you’re on a narrow strategy like mono-red. If you’re pklanning on making the game as short as possible card advantage doesn’t matter and all that matters is card quality.

David Neely says:

Does LSV remind anyone else of Mr. Orange?

weesh ful says:

“how much is that going to hurt him, not having basic mountains”
“i’d say about 1 per activation”
this is why LSV is my fav commentator

Jim Fitzpatrick says:

Same decks in the top 8. Again.

Blackadder75 says:

Somebody help Tim Wheelbarrow to tie his tie properly

Giacomo Chimini says:

Spoiler. Who starts wins

Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver says:

these players looks physically wasted

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Why does Felix keep pointing at him self when Sam swings? Like who else is he attacking?? He doesn’t have a planeswalker.

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