Pro Tour Ixalan Finals

Pascal Maynard, Massdrop West, White-Blue God-Pharaoh’s Gift.
Seth Manfield, Genesis, Sultai Energy.

Only one of these two players will be crowned the Pro Tour Ixalan champion. Who will it be?

Full Coverage:


Macademus - says:

Future HOF’er.

Well done son. Brilliant player.

Machen Ledford says:

that’s not luis scott-vargas that nicolas cage

Perfect Dark says:

Suggestions to improve coverage – buy a camera that actually allows people to read the cards on the table. As is, I can see maybe 1/4 of the cards being played. I’m not sure how anyone not intimately familiar with standard is supposed to follow the game.

ZorroDk says:

At 11:08 Pascal Maynard says “Combat?” and nothing else… Seth passes… How come that is not a shortcut to “Declare attackers” as it was the case in Thien Nguyen vs. Cesar Segovia at Pro Tour Aether Revolt? Pascal Maynard does get to use his God-Pharaoh’s Gift. He does not miss his trigger…

Has the rules been changed? Or what am I missing?

Errol Wilde says:

So anyone else feel like wizards is missing out on the while team thing, great idea, but seriously, I have no idea whos on what team or what the team standings are or anything like that. They really need to showcase that more it could really sell…

Arghore says:

Wel played by both and gratz to the winner !

Commentary wasn’t bad either, glad LSV could make it ‘patish’ (don’t worry Paul, i got your back ;D )

Lorgx says:

Some of these guys need to brush their teeth….

Mana-Ramp-Matoran says:

I wish there were videos of just the player’s communicating with each other. I’d really love to learn how they use shorthand and communication shortcuts, so that we/I could be a better player in tournaments or just in general. The commentaries are nice for just watching. But I wish they’d put out videos where the audio of the players is the focus for those who’d want to watch them.

AMVDJin says:

Man, Pascal is the man.

Anu Vlad says:

This Seth guy is a dick with shuffling. Jesus fuck! Hurry up!

Flint Ironstag says:

the amazing vibrating man

Drecon84 says:

Just wondering. Does Seth have ADHD? He’s always fidgeting, has bad handwriting, put his dice on the wrong number… It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest.

Kevin Crabtree says:

It looks like siding out his combo pieces was his downfall. He became helpless most of the time after that.

Dani Rue says:

Anyone else feel like Seth cheated his way to the finals, in all his games moves dice to 9 instead of 6 always wrote down his own life total down wrong Pascal has kept him honest in these games, and I can’t see him do anything shady in his shuffling but I feel like he is.

Topyr dsvy says:

Why he take out the card of his sleeves ?

Errol Wilde says:

I’m so happy right now! Go Seth! He has been my favorite player to watch for a while now, woot!

irou95 says:

scarab god wins us nationals scarab god wins pro tour scarab god wins gp turin :3

CrimsonB says:

That Full-Body shuffle tho 38:40

rcjm21 says:

Cocaine xD

Glenn Riano says:

1:49:37 – 1:49:49 pure gold right here

Kevin Weaver says:

“I can’t hear you… I can’t hear you.”
_( ‘.’ )_/

Cody jones says:

Where the fuck are the copies of fatal push?

Etdashou says:

I do not understand how he can cast 2 walking ballista as 2/2 when he has 4 mana.

Alex Athan says:

Cheon: “Im not playing in the tournament”. LSV: “Its not surprising”. These guys are the best!

Sal Dorito says:

Ill use my GPG to eternalize Baneslayer Angel

Adam Voltz says:

57:54 Swungly firm…firm swungly…lmao!!!

George Pop says:

That Seth guy was an annoying player, I would’ve hated to play against him, he kept almost casting cards and then not, and the dice going to the wrong number every freaking time was also a way to cheat knowing your opponent will forget how much energy you had on that dice the next turn and maybe he could’ve got an extra draw from that. He chose to play the damn energy deck so he should know how to use his own dice correctly, after the 2nd time he did it I would’ve given him a warning and after the 3rd time a game loss. #justfacts

Cody Custis says:

im so tired of energy bs , worst mechanic ever

Screw The Net says:

*skips to end…nobody won a power nine card*

Drecon84 says:

Poor Marshal has to keep both of these guys in check 😛

Matt says:

Seth seriously needs to calm down on the vyvanse or adderall..

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