Pro Tour Ixalan Quarterfinals (Part 1)

In the first set of quarterfinals, Pascal Maynard of Massdrop West faces off against Piotr Glogowski of Poland, while Christian Hauck of Phoenix: 404 goes up against John Rolf of MetaGame Gurus Moon. Who will advance to the semifinals?

Full Coverage:


Jose De La Vega says:

Harsh Mentor only triggers on opponents.

Lee Official says:

Nice vid

Conner McWhan says:

It’s only 2 cards the first time on champion of wits not 3

Nicol Bolas says:

Make slivers in Dominaria Wizards, I command it.

Margaret Haight says:

Just entered the new era of Ixalan and no U/B Pirate Tempo or R/G Dino Enrage to be seen.

I am disappoint.

Vorgx says:

Jeez, some of these people need to brush their teeth…

Bobby Seitz says:

This may be a dumb question, but why are some players wearing headsets?

Christoph Stüwe says:

i dont know why but i really dislike John Rolf. He makes me aggressive…

Vanessa Killough says:

sideboardmtg has done a breakdown coverage of the top 8. haven’t seen any others yet.

Donaven Hern says:

I think fan bearer instead of sacred cat for gfg deck

Nicol Bolas says:

I wanted grixis control and scarab god tribal, not 5 color white and azorius control.

lachie armstrong says:

gang gang gang gang

The Spell Simulation says:

I love that God Pharaoh’s Gift deck

Sto5rm says:

Lol, Harsh Mentor only hits opponents. 😉

matt says:

oh i love seeing energy get crushed

Jaron Holman says:

Anybody know what sleeves Piotr is using?

aroo aroo says:

Ixalan is jam-packed with strong independent women, but what’s with all these white males selfishly hoarding the top ranks in the game? I demand equity!

FocusBeam says:

These announcers get so excited and try to talk before they think and then end up saying a lot of stupid things before they figure out the best line of play.

Aziz Wahada says:

STARTS 10:22

Lee Official says:


Harmony Mackenzie says:


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