Pro Tour Ixalan Quarterfinals (Part 2)

In the second set of quarterfinals, Mike Sigrist of ChannelFireball faces off against Pro Tour first-timer and Tower Games team member Samuel Ihlenfeldt. Meanwhile, the 2015 and 2010 World Champions, Seth Manfield of Genesis and Guillaume Matignon of France, go head-to-head to see who will advance.

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Drecon84 says:

Anyone else get the feeling that Riley Knight is basically just stringing random words together and hoping it becomes a sentence at some point?
I mean, I see why people like him, but I do find him a bit distracting at times.

callibretto says:

what a shitty ending.. they shouldn’t have given him a warning. insanely stressful game even to WATCH

MetaPenguinBomb says:

as an australian, it’s just great hearing a familiar accent

Aldo says:

Riley 🙂

arconexo says:

Omg… So many miss triggers by Seth…

michael angel abreu burgos says:

Manfield forgot the longtusk cup trigger in the first game right ?

Rubens Edgard Navarro says:

Well, calling it Pro Tour is so wrong…
Should be Cheat Tour, omg, every PT we get to see so much lack of attention from those fucking judges….seriously wotc, hire some REAL judge’s, and start to punish those cheater’s !

KidCorgi.Com says:

2:15:47 for the punt. Happens to even the best 🙁

Swinging with the longtusk cub and sacrificing the clue to make a red and using magma spray to kill pia wins the game.

Wander In Gaming says:

Watching pros missplay this much makes when players at my FNM rarely make mistakes. What’s going on here?

LoxxyJay Gaming says:

Send a comment to me telling me what kind of deck you use for commander and modern?

Lifeispain99 says:

That double harnessed play was real…

Nbisgreat THEGREATNB says:

australians always have the best metaphors for every situation xD loved the commentary

Vinny Brocato says:

1:02:24 Riley straight up says Shit ton. That’s not to take away from his commentary, he played it off perfectly, but if I worked at wizards I would’ve been shaken

ihavenoidea whatmynameis says:


DJ Mascarenas says:

>Bomat Courier enters
>”Look at this little electric tomato!” -Riley ahaaa

Laurenz Brünner says:

The commentary is awesome

LaBass666 says:

Lol I loved Samuel Ihlendeldt!

Dj Red Villain says:

He got the t i 84 out his pocket and did the math lol

Don says:

*0:00* What rank was Team Channel Fireball, just curious

Gustavo Solano says:

Yooo the commentary is solid, 1 has a accent, 2 had joke like seriously ” and he’s scope it up like basket and robins” lol i cant with this guy made it just so much more enjoyable and listem to the guys

Adam Delikta says:

5:32 Samuel plays two lands during this turn. He plays spire of industry before combat at 5:50, and aether hub after combat at 8:30.

Dzigner210 says:

The Biggie references tho lol

hewhohasoldmemes says:


JK Rolling says:

11:47 damm straight a mistake was made! Kid played 2 lands!

Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver says:

mike is a fat fucker they always win

Toan toantt04 says:

mike got owned lmfao

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