Pro Tour Magic 2015 – Finals – Ivan Floch vs. Jackson Cunningham

In a battle of experience versus the newcomer with the Pro Tour lineage, Ivan Floch faces Jackson Cunningham in an epic Pro Tour Magic 2015 finals.


Earthpartyradio Podcast says:

They have to do a better job with the presentation of this man.. i love magic.. even i was like nodding off watching this.

RyanBradley says:

magic isnt actually that confusing lmao. especially these games LMAO

Leverquin says:

why five games? what about best of 3?

M Gaming says:

i have ajai metor of heros

Gabriell Fedeli says:

Nice game !!! So cool

Timothius Zamora says:

This isn’t like South Park at tall!!

Cringe Gaming says:

Hearing everything attack against a person with a blue deck gives me anxiety, I faced a kid who beat me after I went all out and he used a card that killed all attacking creatures, and gives him life equal to their total toughness or something like that. My heroes bane had 118/118, and I was planning on using an instant that would bring out 4 2/2 green creatures. But he fuck ed my shit after I tossed that.

Legit MTG Wizard says:

Holy sheep..

Geekin' With Zeak says:

Jackson got robbed, this was his game to win. The only games he lost, were due to his mana issues.

Humstuck says:

man I loved that format. Its strange that its only 2 years ago that we could play elspeth, verdict and crazy cards like that.

Leverquin says:

twenty one cats just died.

Matt Salas says:

“Holy Sheep”

niklasjuchem says:

can you plz show the cards that are played gee

Ford Mulligan says:


The Natorious Nat Helm says:

They both have the same nose as me!!!!! It’s a sign!!! I am meant to be in the pro tour! This is a dream come true!

Vince Calvo says:

i thought this was wizard101

Dale MacKenzie says:

how did the two tokens from voice of resurgence survive the geth’s verdict?!

Dai 大 says:

I loved these commentators. Was susprised to see old men (and Brian David still around)

Wft32540 says:

Hate control decks, just not fun to play with/against. Same way with disruption decks in Pokemon (e.g., Sylveon). They’re slow, they draw the game out, and they’re just boring. Don’t care who wins if it’s not fun.

BladeCammando says:

fuck control decks


I some questions on the game….if anyone out there knows magic 100% perfect please reply ur number

cladny says:


TheGreat Gavin101 says:


Daniele Brambilla says:

When you go to the casino and all Texas Hold’em tournaments are already underway…

JK Rolling says:

And Ivans flock of sheep takes the win!

Dante Jose says:

someone tell me why the intro graphic is testicles fallin off a tree

Jane Huzrad says:

Supreme nerds

Mista Hat says:

57:05 predicting the future

James Pratt says:

This game went to shit once they introduced planeswalkers


trash decks

Atomic Penguin says:

Magic the gathering is the greatest card game of the history of the universe. like if you agree

Ryan Gardner says:

Im a new magic player, what do they mean by discard step?

TheEdensan says:

They need a more newbie-friendly way to record these tournaments, have no idea what the cards are…

Jemapelbulgarel says:

Floch’s deck with only a 2/2 is so funny, you get killed by a land

Antony Quigley says:

Hey, what do women do in this world? like seriously, what do they do all day? Anything like this in the world, whether it be cards, cars, comics, anime, any kind of hobby where people gather up and show off their stuff or buy or sell the stuff., is 99% males, literally 99%, do women actually have any hobbies?? seems to be all they do is gossip, and buy handbags and shoes. they really don’t seem to have any interests other than talking.

Ryuma_1X Holanda says:

soy el unico que habla español

Mom says:

I don’t even play magic

JamesZeroSix says:

This control deck is the sole reason I quit Standard. (this deck and the Esper one with Ob Dad)

Drew Peterson says:

Still sometimes go back and watch this. Still love Ivan’s deck a lot.

The Natorious Nat Helm says:

They definitely need to make a Loxodon based set…!

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