Pro Tour Magic Origins Quarterfinals (Standard): Paul Jackson vs. Stephen Berrios

Stephen Berrios takes the breakout deck of the tournament, Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact, against Paul Jackson’s Green-Red Devotion in the Top 8 of Pro Tour Magic Origins.


A random thing here says:

How old do you have to be to be in the tournament?

Noa Pestana says:

For those confused by the 3:15 mark, Berrios was claiming the rattleclaw trigger was missed because it wasnt announced, but triggers that do not visibly affect the board, and dont declare targets or modes, do not have to be announced until they affect the game, such as when Xenagos was cast using the rattleclaw mana. Same thing goes Prowess, but not renowned because +1/+1 counters are a visible change.

Ax B says:

they have no life

BBradshawProductions says:

Only 17,967 views… and this is a game currently played by 20 millions people? LMAO lies…

Peter Albrecht says:

That Stephen Burrios seems like a scummy player. Wasn’t he also the person who tapped his mana incorrectly in the Swiss?

Mr moO says:

That stephen is a bitch.

joe horton says:

Magic tha gathering

Roman Guzman says:

I didn’t know syndicate played magic O:

Shane C says:

Why don’t they have warnings for players acting like children? Something along the lines of unsportsmanlike conduct? Berrios was being juvenile.

Grave Haze says:

slapping someone’s deck around just makes you look like a asshat.

Jake Golle says:

This game was real uncomfortable. Very little sportsmanship from the UR artifact players.

Zeke Iddon says:

Jesus christ, they play so fast! I understand it’s not a game with friends around a kitchen table, but man this makes for pretty unwatchable content for all except Magic pros.

Man Sheikhy says:

I love Paul Jackson’s deck beefy for life!

Eyeforaneye says:

that artifact deck is a such a big bluff. haven’t seen a single game won by that deck when it didn’t have an ensoul artifact by turn 2 or 3. solid !
if that’s all the plan you can rather play jeskai combo lol

Dung Pie says:

can someone tell me what exactly a hall of famer is and how someone becomes one?

Philipp Zorn says:

+Joshua Rahman
there’s an thopter engineer, so it has haste^^

Joshua Rahman says:

27:34 summoning sickness on the walker? how has no one spotted this?

jguitar151 says:

Stephen berrios seems really unpleasant

BMAD says:

Berrios acting like a total tool, good riddance to his attitude, you could tell even Ian Duke thought this dude was a douche.

Randy Buehler says:


Lucky 7s says:

I wish I knew how to play

Azoooro says:

So around 29:00 Jackson activates monstrous on his Polukranos and announces targets for the triggered ability. Isn’t this out of Sequence?
I think he should announce monstrous for x=6 and wait for responses, because the fight ability triggers only when monstrous resolves. Not saying it was a rules violation or a gameplay error, but he was giving away Information he could have withheld. At least that’s how i interpret the rules text on Polukranos.

Azninja says:

Anybody know what i could replace in the artifact deck for casual play?

jkkillz says:

what is stephen berrios’s shirt?!
i want one

Feathers MTG says:

Always awesome to see Paul Jackson during great things for Australian Magic! Keep up the great work man! I hope to meet some day!

kekistani pride says:

yeah stephen is just such a scummy ass to people i kinda understand getting a bit mad and losing your cool some people are just hotheads but him trying to use the rules to make himself win when he clearly lost 

and back when he tapped his mana incorrectly making a illegal play knowing what he was doing was illegal just all around being a douch

Daniel Grech says:

I think I should get into this card game!! Looks real fun! Does anyone know what the best starter pack would be for a beginners at magic the gathering

Max Jensen says:

Berrios is a little bitch.

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