Rakdos Midrange | AliasV’s Tournament Gameplay [MTG Arena]

AliasV recently ran a tournament, I dropped in for a few rounds running a rather fun Rakdos Midrange deck list! Subscribe for more MTG Arena: http://bit.ly/2PuJoCn

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Poinkal says:

Imo they should make it if you hover their planeswalker, it will highlight your revealed cards

Trentyn Heer says:

you look like chris hemsworth a little bit

cptexploderman says:

I may not always meme, but when I do meme, they’re spicy meme’s. Stay cultured my friends.

HeyFren says:

New face cam? It looks a lot better

Jesse Tablebeast says:

Thank you for moving your avatar and taking out the background. It was so frustrating watching matches where I couldn’t see what all mana the opponent had.

phen drik says:

bedeck looks like dark souls pyromancy

Matthew Jonathon Major says:

You could have won the game at 12:30 with haste on the Sourge and swing out, next turn banefire. Or am I missing something?

cxcookie says:

Rakdos 🙂

Nibblesnarf Games says:

Skewer the Critics and Judith are the best cards that rakdos got and they don’t make a deck the same way the new hydra or growth chamber guardian does.

Gautier GARY says:

I really enjoy minimalist editing. We get a better feel of the atmosphere of your stream which is cool for people who can’t watch it live

Samuel Godfrey says:

Editor skipping in between games pog

Montanx HS says:

Play theater over light the stage bro. Can’t cast stage when you have 4 and 5 drops.

DESEO says:

Play against mogwai again

seth lupica says:

I really hate not being able to actually customize your game settings in the friend matches. My friends and I do different things all the times, we’ve done random life totals, random hand sizes, even just best of 5s. But we can’t do that till WOTC fix the utter nonsense that is friend matches

Joseph Fitzpatrick says:

your the only streamer that doesn’t spam blue garbage

Smegma Lasagna says:

Good to know that the game automatically plays the revealed card

Camilo Salvador says:


ninexofx7 says:

Hey merchant, you should try mardu enchantments. It’s pretty kick ass

shiningdahlia says:

Yay, some love to Rakdos. Coincidentally, I was building a Rakdos midrange today, good to see some tips on how to do it :3

Pedro G Cominal says:

freaking love some Rakdos

Chris Stevens says:

assss to asssss

Jack Wilson says:

Your energy was a bit harsh this video, but other than that good vid

James says:

Grizzly Hills music? A man of fine taste.

RappingRain says:

You deff should not have played that Demon when your opponent was at two. I don’t think it would have mattered anyway, but it was kind of sloppy play to overcommit to the board when you had lethal in play.

Delmolition Man says:

Where has the discord gone?

Valthainos says:

Regarding revealed cards. I would like a small indicator (think the open eye from Skyrim) on the top left corner of the card. Something to help me keep track of what’s revealed would just be nice I think.

MTDRS-maliceXO says:

How do you know that your opponent didn’t cheat and sideboard with his entire collection?

Brenden Clifford says:

I would love to 1v1 w/ some home brews. You should start a little series where you play with your fans/subs!

Tiome says:

cant wait for the tournaments! can’t wait to bust out the homebrews

Keith Weidner says:

There’s no need to rig it if you’re in contact with your opponent. If they want to be on the play and it’s your choice, you simply choose to draw. 🙂

SymbiX161 says:

Just wanted to say I appreciate your content and you are an awesome dude ^^ keep doing you buddy.

jerodast says:

32:00 – Would it be slightly better to pay for the shock land and bring Gutterbones back at this point? Your life doesn’t matter, and if you get board wiped you don’t know when your next chance to bring back Gutterbones would be.

ZT FA says:

How did you check their deck to see what they were playing before game started???

Will Gary says:

is this decklist somewhere n I’m just missing or nah?

Jonasz314 says:

List looks clunky. Judith? You have no sac outlet, and only one recursive creature which is quite slow (better on paper than in practice). Fanatical Firebrand fits in an aggro list where you’re pushing 20 damage as fast as possible, here it looks weak.

lord cookies says:


XFrozenAshX says:

Luxury of the editor skipping between games huh? Might want to get a new one at this rate. xD

Obversechaos says:

Hey, Merchant, just so you know, you can drag a card in your sideboard over to the button that clicks your deck and it’ll automatically click it with the card still selected, letting you stick it in the main deck. You can also do this to sideboard main deck cards. Love your videos, by the way. Happy Magicing.

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