U.S. Nationals 2018 (Standard) Finals

Finals from U.S. Nationals 2018.
Format: Standard

Full Coverage: https://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/2018natus


CaptainTang says:

I love how the esper control player turns new draws upside down after that doomfall game one to remind him of what his opponent already knows is in his hand.

Jason Carto says:

So we ban something now cause this won, right?

Jesse Lynn says:

Wouldn’t it have been more beneficial to sacrifice scarab god to the temple and thus returning it to your hand than to let it be exiled with vraskas contempt?

im ixALF1ug says:

Mic the players how are newcomers like me going to know anything about the game lol

seth steadman says:

If he blocked that 2/1 with Ghulk game 2, Dylan would have been ahead a planeswalker and life total.

luufia says:

Basicly same Deck but 1 Player splashed teferi …

russell anderson says:

Why not scarab god the scarab god

Bryan Neal says:

In game 2, wasn’t Justin’s Champion of Wits actually Dylan’s? The Hostage Taker stole it, so if there had been a block, Dylan would have profited twofold.

Juan Ruiz says:

Most boring match, yawn.

Meurth says:

Why is it so hard to just SHOW THE CARD a SINGLE time when it’s played for the first time. This is really frustrating. So if you’re like me and don’t know LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE CARD OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, this video is impossible to watch ffs

pain2u 10 says:

Dylan brown killed himself with his arguels and the judges let him live.

Luis Aguilar says:

This showed up in my suggested when i have never seen one bit of magic the gathering gameplay. The closest I’ve had to this is Hearthstone and i didn’t play that very much consistently. I don’t know why but watching this i have no clue what anything does, rules, or goals of deck styles, but for some reason i really want to learn this game and watch this video knowing what is happening lol

Tyrone Curtis says:

Wow no red kinda surprised

Matthew Ault says:

I love Reid’s commentary because he really knows what he is talking about, all substance no filler!

Donny says:

WOTC you guys really need to mic the play area like old school tournaments

Nicholas Killmeier says:

I’m guessing he forgot it was his Champion of Wits from Hostage Taker in game 2?

Phillip AKA Elf says:

Justin’s purposely holding his cards upside down. I’m so tilted now…. wth

Jason Rohr says:

I f’ing love Reid Duke. What a boss.

Protocrab Garage says:

Chick commentating is awful

Deranged MTG says:

why didn’t reid play?!

xeaglex47 says:

Is that japanases gearhulk

Tony Shirk says:

These guys don’t look like they are having fun

Moonanite 2 says:

I was always curious as to why three color decks are referred to as their name (Naya, Esper, Etc.) but dual colors aren’t.

argenismartinezpally says:


Giancarlo Fernandez says:

Where’s…. all the…. mountains…?

Hien Nguyen says:

Intense match. I love grindy games.

San Chan says:

Game 2 Dylan should got champion of wits back when hostage taker died. Completely shifted the game. The judges should’ve caught that

Bryan Manley says:

That esper list looks horrid

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