World Championship 2014 Finals (Standard): Patrick Chapin vs. Shahar Shenhar

Shahar Shenhar gets the chance of a lifetime attempting to defend his World Championship title against Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin, a player whose focus has guided him to this very moment seven years after he finished second in the 2007 World Championship. Only one can make history.


Jacob Estelita says:

Me and my brother play

Round Arthur says:

a pulsating climax

Hans Mustang says:

I enjoy playing Hearthstone , came here to see how Magic was like and I don’t understand shit.

Marco Polo says:

00:08: “Five days of worlds week are about to come to a *pulsating climax* ”

Christ, Rich, there are kids watching this.

Simdor says:

Patrick Chapin looks like Bobby Fischer

DGTZ1982 says:

Chapins jaw is swinging like crazy, the mans on some sort of stimulant.

Michael Mendez says:

they need to have a graphic that brings each card up on screen as each player plays a card and explain what each card is doing. I play mtg so I know what’s going on but if you want to reach a more wide audience these broadcasts need to explain the game better. just my humble opinion

mudturtlevision says:

I just want to somebody to look at me someday the way chapin looks at that camera

Jaime Holguin says:

I understand this less than texas hold ’em and I don’t know sht about texas hold ’em!

Kyle A says:

It’s just hard to believe 2 anafenzas in the side, months after this she was a 4 of main card

Luis Alberto González José says:

Patrick Chapin reminds me of Bobby Fischer.

Natt says:

WoW i didnt understand 😀 i even don play magic but im playing YuGiOh and dis is soo diferent than YGO 😀

Steve Mayers says:

Chapin is the man, he deserved to win this.

MtgProxy says:

someone at my LGS played shahar in a recent grand prix and won against him lol

Mista Hat says:

anyone what set those forests are from that shahar is using?

Josh Howard says:

Is it weird that me and my roommates went to a random card shop and met this guy? Funny thing is we didn’t know who he was at the time. My friend even asked if he played Magic? Ohh the irony…..and I’m not fucking lying so don’t bug me with “bullshit” and stuff. I learned just now watching this vid who he really was. My friend was like, “he looks familiar.” “WAIT!!! He was at the card store!” I was like no way, looked it up and he actually has origins at the exact location. Weird ass shit man.

Pieter Wolfs says:

Question: It looks like at 34:28 Chapin casts his second Bile Blight for a black and a white mana. How is this possible? what am i missing? thx 🙂

Dogma :v says:

i prefer yu-gi-oh

Ell Hiro says:

I dislike Shahar Shenhar

Stephen Lin says:

I came here to see a pulsating climax

KoivuTheHab says:

Get a life.

DeathWard says:

Patrick is definitely high on cocaine. Check his sniffing and jaw movement.

Jackie Singleton says:

OK we are 30 seconds In and English dude is already gettin outa hand with the super homoerotic metaphors, dude chill out its a long night. Maybe Pace yerself. Shit. Oh my god that was awkward AF. look at the two guys next to him, one guy turns to him like “Pulsating climax you say?… goooow on.” The other looks vaguely uncomfortable but not quite sure why. On to the show. P

bobbybellsupreme says:

Dexter vs mandark

Ah haha!

DozTalks says:

Shahar just tossed his hand out on the field…rude

gamerserver1 says:

24:16 that button about to pop!!

Martin says:

It’s too smooth gameplay, making me nervous 🙂 MtG for me is best friends, shouting and beers 🙂

Javier Eduardo Santander says:

i dont understand what is going on

JT says:

Is Chapen always so shaky? I noticed before G2 that his hands have a minor tremor.. Doesn’t seem to be the type to be nervous, so I’m curious.

SteelSoap says:

How can i get easy a planeswalker without use to much money?

toastbrot21016 says:

why there are no sponsors? thought that is a common thing on such events

jules11788 says:

Patrick Chapin looks like he’s on a ton of adderall during this match lol. The sweating, the twitching, the teeth-grinding… Definitely looks like some sort of upper.

Torc Handsomeson says:

lay off the redbull chapin.

Thomas A. Nilsen says:

16:00 why did he get a token to Wingmaterock?????

Josh Dracoian says:

The only way I’ll play abzan colors is the constellation deck.

Alan Yuan says:

Wtf is with Patrick… does anyone else find it quite uncomfortable watching Patrick Chapin?

Drew Peterson says:

Did he literally just say “Shahar Israeli good”?

Jaime Holguin says:

Now this is a Bully free event

Jason Carto says:

_insert Jew joke here_

Vaimast says:

until what age you can compete ?

Sirganther says:

langweiliges spiel…

slupo says:

Why don’t they show both player’s hands and the board as graphics the whole time? It’s very strange.

MrGelflin says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why it says world championship 2014, but the hornet queen is from the 2015 core set?

Florent Capistran says:

wtf is this they have big tv camera limite the stream to 720p instead of 4k and why dont they fucking scan the deck before people play it and put card information in digital over the card number and description

Cody Williams says:

Why must Patrick keep Staring at my soul

Alex Wong says:

How come a lot of times when I’m trying to do homework I end up watching Magic.

aaron Adrian says:

chapin lookin classy as fuck

Easy Company says:

the jews cheating…go figure

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