World Championship 2014 Semifinals (Standard): Shahar Shenhar vs. Yuuya Watanabe

The past two winners of the World Championship tournament face off in the semifinals for the right to fight for another title in the finals.


Irvbot88 says:

Show the card when they take it out! I can’t see shit! Then it will be more fun watching this videos. I don’t know all cards that well or doing it like poker cameras do show the hands at least, please get better at this.

johnkasta says:

Stark’s commentary is really good

Derret134 says:

@MTG4LIFE Sylvan Caryatid mate

Mokona says:

The whole time I was listening to Wonderful Nippon pretty disappointed though ^.^

Drecon84 says:

I really don’t like Yuuya’s sideboard strategy. Bringing in End Hostilities against a deck that wants its creatures in the graveyard does not seem great. I like Disdainful Stroke and Erase not the unhinged one), as Whip just kills you, but trying to out-control Shahar’s deck does not seem like a great plan.

ElTeddo says:


Lews Therin Talamon says:

I am by far more impressed by watinabe’s card handling skills.

Colin Brown says:

While I’m a little urked with Stark’s minor favoritism almost with Watanabe, this was a good watch.

Greg Sargaison says:

I think Watanabe could have burnt Shenhar out early in game 1. Yuuya chose to burn sidisi which was going to be exiled so Shenhar wouldn’t get a zombie. It Yuuya had allowed the zombie he could have end/upkeed lighting bolt Shenhar bringing him to 9. Then +1 chandra and make the zombie unable to block, deal 2 (one token locked by the other blocker) with the tokens bringing Shenhar to 7. Then lightning strike for 3 bringing Shenhar to 4 then stoke the flames to deal the final 4. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Yuuya missed the play.

Emma West says:

Go McNuggets

Jacob Fite says:

Does anybody think this is for nerds? I don’t but I’m wondering

4joman says:

using only apple products and not even bringing out mtgo for mac users. ffs magic step up your game

Mr. Towels says:

what card sleeves was shahar using? Were those sky blue dragon shields?

Ryan Wilson says:

Chapin played extraordinarily well. It’s nice to know that even pros have shaky hands, though.

Wicked Creepy-Pasta's says:

I don’t want to sound really stupid asking this question but is this tournament played with “Modern” Format so all the cards that aren’t banned are able to be used or what? cause All i see are Khans Of Tarkir decks and im confused on what cards are aloud and what aren’t, like why hasn’t anyone used a Quicksilver amulet with Progenitus deck 

veippa says:

Shahar’s deck with Ashiok should be called “A / Sidisi”

GToul13 says:

01:02:50 Rabblemaster doesn’t have haste, so Yuuya can’t tap him as mana source for the stoke…

Wild Potato says:

chapin always shakes like crazy. Now that ive noticed it, i cant not see it

Adam Williams says:

Love seeing the Abhorrent Overlord comments along with the Whip of Erebos in the video. I’ve been running the Overlord next to Hornet Queen in both G/B Constellation and Sidisi Whip. When you whip a queen at somebody you do two damage and eave 4 tokens behind. When you whip the demon you do 6 damage and leave at least 4 sometimes even way more tokens behind. Yes they don’t have deathtouch like the insects but you still clog the board with a bunch of flying chump blockers.

minibluepumpkin says:

at 25 minutes shahar casts corsair and attacks even though it doesn’t have haste……. REALLY

g8eo3 says:

Can’t tell if the background sound is someone typing or Brian Kibler messing with his cards

YtheChineseGuy says:

I watch a 49 min vid just to know whats going in before watching this looking forward to play this game

JDunlapMusic says:

Yamamoto’s deck is not the same as Shenhar’s, haha. There are some pretty big differences.

john carvalho says:

Fackin nerds

leomeror says:

42:12 “He takes the Disdainful Stoke, because he wants to resolve his Dig(k)…” xD sry but that was just a hilarious coincedence 😀

Tom Blackstone says:

Why did Patrick Chapin put his first Siege Rhino into the graveyard in game three of his match with Yamamoto (the second game shown on the video)? I’ve watched it several times and cannot figure it out. Chapin appears to be explaining something to Yamamoto, then just puts his creature into the graveyard, but there are no abilities on board that would allow him to sac a creature. I can’t figure it out. Does anyone else know what happened?

MTG4LIFE says:

How did he cast Sidisi at 36.34, when he only had 3 mana open?

Homer Ruiz says:

why dont i see anybody playing Magic the battlegrounds anymore? The video game is fucken fun too. I still fucken play it.

Mimoh25 says:

okay im a nerd but WOW this is WAAAY to geeky here for me !!

I'm Scouty says:

I feel bad for Yamamoto.. He lost due to getting mana fucked… Poor guy

lee155912000 says:

They need a better camera or something. I cant read the print on the cards.

leomeror says:

i have a question for the game 1 : at 15:19 why did yuuya attack first and play the +1 ability of chandra afterwards, while shahar had only 1 mana untapped?
what were possible 1 mana threats in shahars deck? or was it only a mistake from yuuya?

SaucyNight says:

obviously im  no watanabe but i just cannot imagine that holding back that rabble master was nearly a good idea

TheSuetemorp says:

What sleeves is Shenhar using? Love that

maniacalmanny says:

I knew shahar was going to win. I would have liked to see chapin win though

CptTryptamine says:

man shahar has got some good moves with the water bottles

gammy Nem Nem says:

Never even seen a magic card, watching this is great, no fucking clue what’s happening or what’s going on.

/gamegeek/ says:

I have almost no idea what’s going on here but I enjoyed it!

Mista Hat says:

what edition are the swamps that shahar uses? is it 7th edition??

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