100+ PACKS OF THE NEW SET | Pokemon TCGO Opening


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NinjaPokeProductions says:

‘Gluten GX’

Ellipses Question Mark says:

I don’t know how to play this card game, but for some reason I’m subscribed to this channel anyways.

BasicallyByron says:

Hell yeah more cards

Martha Granhøj says:


Tawski says:

14:31 when he puts it in your butt.

Ralph Gore says:

The only thing that you can use Gyrados is that useless stadium Sea of Nothingness to boost Draconic Disaster by 100 to do 200 damage even though it’s a 5 energy attack

AshlynThatBear says:

Got my first burning shadows elite box today (yes I’m late to the party) and got a full art Gardevior. So happy 🙂

Conner Foote says:

I would looove if you did more in game and irl pack openings even if your random outbursts scare me 🙂

Kenz E says:

Well hi!

Ricardo Contreraas says:


AnimalCracker45 says:

This is a useless comment meant to make you money! 😀

LumberjackInDaHouse says:

Keep up the good work

vidogames I heart says:


Millenium Gaming says:

Registeel hyyyyypppppeeeee

Cggaming2705 says:

Are u going to play Pokémon ultra sun and ultra moon right when they come out or a few days later

1Cr_az9 says:


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