1st Place Regional Marshadow GX / Malamar – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Daniel Altavilla’s 1st Place Regional Championship Marshadow GX / Malamar deck in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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jonathan hudgens says:

at 21:14 you could have used the marshadow to win the game but malamaring two energy onto it from the discard and retreating the deoxes by sending the energy on it to the discard and then attaching your one energy per turn onto the marshadow to do a finishing attack from the discarded pokemon.

Number Six says:

0:35 Chime-echo

GabriP says:

that is why I prefere to play 2 leles.
on the Zoroark game for the last prize you could play lele (with ultra ball or with rescue strecher) take the guzma and kill some one prize attacker on the bench with the deoxys

Eric French says:

I can see fire decks coming on strong in the meta soon. With the prism Lysandre card the discard pile will be obliterated and Malamar will suffer. But first I suppose grass will need to rise up. How will that happen I wonder. Perhaps my Heracross/promo Lurantis meme list will gain some traction lol. NOT.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Busted chimecho belllll

Paul Siwek says:

That’s why I play 1 blower
For those weakness policies

German Gaitan Garcia says:

Can you make a gameplay of Blastoise with Articuno deck.

Eric French says:

Gonna go out on a limb here.
Chimecho is a “wind CHIME” Pokémon. It only makes sense to me that it would indeed be pronounced “Chime-echo”

Cameron Hudson says:

Anyone else triggered by Andrew’s pronunciation of chimecho? Lol xD

tsak99 says:

During the first match I think you should have Guzma’d that benched Lele when you had the chance.

Sora Paopu says:

u should do more games w this deck!!

clayton brossett says:

Do you post the deck lists anywhere?

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

sithapprentic03 says:

I love the channel but is it possible that when the new set comes out you could play some expanded with rae eels?

Sophia Jacobson says:

Where did Rukan write up the info about the list?

Patrick Eberle says:

I’ve had that chimecho card sitting on my desk for a while, way before I saw anyone playing it and I’ve been wanting to put it into my deck! It makes me feel smart to see that an obscure card that I picked up on is actually good!

Megaman says:

After the monthly ptcgo pokebeach tourneys, could u do deck reviews or gameplays from those winners decks too?

Calian Production's says:

This channel is underrated in my opinion this is the best Pokemon channel out there thats competitive i suggest making more meta decks reviewing them or just make crappy decks and make them entertaining * cough* dark inter gaming*

BlackRay Gaming says:

I love that this deck is cheap. Besides Lele

Kanga Rewster says:

You had an acro bike in hand in game 1, could have dug for guzma one more time.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Before you know it this Chimecho will be in the Steelix/Wailord decks

LU SLZR says:

Heres a crazy idea if Chimeco can do that to all openents than y not bring in Noibat to discard all items and then garbador everything

Andrew Denkus says:

Chimecho is BUSTED

DoubleEdgeCat says:

Who is “Roo Can”?

Joe Allen says:

I hope to one day win a regional! Great video Andrew and as always I love the commentary.

Merick Ibardolasa says:


Alex McCorkindale says:

I know missing energy is a lot worse in Malamar decks than other decks but I hate playing Oricorio down because it takes up very valuable bench space

1LE Azul says:

On the first game you needed guzma for the w. You had 8 cards in deck and an acro bike in hand….wtf didnt you play the acro bike that’s a 25% chance to pull guzma lol quite a miss play on your part.

Todoroki says:

Whats the deck list?

Jenni says:

I have a full art Malamar EX

Merick Ibardolasa says:


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