2017 Pokémon European International Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Zakary battle Tord in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game European International Championships Masters Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/ST1xUq


Jovi says:

But.. it’s 2018

David Jameson says:

9:07 – on the right – is that an OG Mewtwo? O_O

Jesus Orozco says:


audiophile101 says:

For those here confused (like I was) there’s 3 ways to win the game 1: get all your prize cards 2: your opponent runs out of cards to draw from deck and 3: knock out all pokemon on your opponents field

Pj Singh says:

i dont understand what happened at the end for that man to win?

BobDaBear GAMING says:

I love Pokémon TCG! I have lots of cards, and collect them. I don’t think I could win, but I have lots of rare Pokémon cards. (I would play in juniors)

Trami Nguyen says:

What about Pokemon Sun and Moon game?

Super gamer Zack 101012 says:

My specialty is fighting energys

aaditya d says:

How do u play these cards

Arcenedon says:

Wonder how Ultra Prism will affect the steel type decks, especially with Dusk Mane

Orepigz Bacon Cartoonist says:


bimo 220 8 says:

Omg how do they do that chufleling thing what they need to do so quik

JustCJP says:

Is lavender town syndrome real

#PIKACHU 451 says:

They’ll get rekt with my
250HP Lunala

Onsen23 says:

still do not understand how to play it


Need a SIPP

Zac Harrell says:

Is there a rule that you can’t deck the opponent out when it comes to finals?

OVNI_YT says:

Lot’s of GX, bored!!!

Maroki says:

Haven’t played TCG in years…

Prof. Gio says:

Who Watches The Whole Video?

Darth Diglett says:


Jason yu says:

why not play cards in casino

pokeloverxandy says:

Yasss early

Super gamer Zack 101012 says:

I might do a video about it ok

Xstphano x8 says:

I have no idea how it works but I’m watching…

Joel Cox says:

Tord’s deck is sooo sick, I want it

Kenneth Kaleita says:

I collect the cards but never learned how to play the tcg. I always wondered how strong my cards actually are

Jamesta James says:

Wow. Amazing. Only the latest post ever. I forgot who won because it was so late. Not.

Twan says:

I only get the cards I don’t play the game

The Pokémon Go with Alex says:

Go na more channels than

SacredSapphireGaming says:


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