2017 Pokémon Madison Regional Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Christopher battle Michael in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game Madison Regional Championships Masters Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site!


Dragon Lord says:

I know wats going on


It’s pooka! #thetopcut

Nikura Gaming says:

in the next pokemon gen they should add Honoguma which was the original fire starter for silver and gold but got rejected for cyndaquil

bob lily says:


i wanna be the very best

Waterworks says:

this is so intense
im going to finish this entire video
i gotta know why he discarded flareon

Lucas Thiele says:

Pramawatt got lucky

Pylon Imp says:

and also deal with it

Lianleo Carthell says:

Surprised vespequeen is still used when there is oricorio ghost



Liam Gorman says:

Like this comment if you don’t know how to play TCG

Brendan Ing says:

I’m glad that Chris made a creative new deck instead of using vespiquins bee revenge.

Cleaveage Tenshi says:

Nuttiest game ever.

Instinct Scizor says:

Ultra Sun and Moon trailer please

Anikon666 Słowik says:


King Paul says:

I love Pokemon.I recently got my first Pokemon Elite trainer box Sun&Moon!! i have video on my channel

SpookyS says:

Madison wisconsin?

Pylon Imp says:


Foxyfan says:

Hey Pokemon team I have a question about the next generation of Pokemon if you make one I would like to see more eeveelutions here is an idea a ground or rock type evolved Eevee that looks like a skeleton

Alex Biersner says:

is this Michael Pramawat from last year tournament that was clearly top decking/stacking? the way he shuffles is very familiar

Auditio says:

Nice to see some Grands without Garbodor in them


Cade pixelmon, em, cade ?

MdBreaksALot says:

43:52 the pun is unbeeeleivable

Jose Lopez says:

Shaymin didn’t get used at all in the first 2 games. Just goes to show the power of lele.

GMom2022 Videos says:

How about some late alohan pokemon

Pylon Imp says:

uh i’m ever buying another pokemon thing

Pylon Imp says:

I really wanted that mod now I can’t get it

Adam Hocini says:

Comentaire in french pls?

• Kyoko Iwase says:

About Ultra S/M, will the normal Sun/Moon be compatible to trade and battle with the Ultra versions?


I am br

Rosa Arredondo says:

Lol 666 likes.

Pylon Imp says:

you guys need to tell pixelmon developers to keep up the mod please I don’t have mod yet or minecraft so tell them to keep developing and give ideas how to make the mod better

Ich esse Lehrer ! says:

Das ist so kompliziert

Gilma Benavides says:

Well i have solgaleo gx with 250 damage

Justin Bates says:

metagross wont have to worry about eevee after rotation

Sqauuu says:


Dad Epic says:

Good game

Maurix Castro says:

I hate you for removing the pixelmon mod for minecraft

Nintendan says:

57:27 Professor Oranguru joins the ranks of Professor N and Trash Claw.

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