2017 Pokémon North American International Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch John battle Tord in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game North American International Championships Masters Division (match starts at 11:40)! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site!


Flashgaming18 Minecraft and more says:

My Deck is about My Megas

SldgeHammr says:

Ayyyye JWittz!!

Morgun Werling says:

Liked for JWittz

DCSJC Gaming says:

Since when did kermit become an announcer??

Team Delta says:

I want a Regional Championship in Colorado

Xystreem says:


Brendan Ing says:


Brendan Ing says:

I love jwittz videos

Austin Franks says:

Josh Wittenkeller is iconic to the TCG.

Rene Leandro Moreno says:

Likeminded tcg is a great game to play

Cool Orange Fox says:

Wow people REALLY DO know how to play the card game
I thought it was a myth…

Sarp Sünbül says:

Jeg elsker Norge <3 I'm from Turkey, I love all Norwegian people

Volcanic King says:

Kinda disappointed really. Wanted to see a dark magician deck make it to the finals. Can’t win them all though I guess.

Wayward Endymion says:

so you couldn’t live stream it?

Evan Coleman says:


Tekkit Mc.cloud says:

Was that tord’s brother who hugged him at the end?

Melissa Cat says:

Congrats Johnny(trainer) for making it to the top 2. Good Job. It’s cool seeing someone I know and I have judged (and has judged me) up there. <3

IDWpresents says:

they really decided that combineing mewtwo EX and jirachi EX was a good idea

Bungydude Aj says:

The only reason I really don’t like and is stopping me from playing tcg is that I can’t afford a few Tapu leles

JustinPlays says:

Oops wrong catigory

Armand Kruger says:

@cetin may I?


when you dislike your own comment to try to get likes⬇️

Mira Jane says:

Don’t like my comment ‘-‘

glockyourworld says:

Tapu Lele love

Kale 101678 says:

Why does no one use wigglytuff its op

Gis uToonz says:

I stopped playing TCG one year ago, and Shaymin still rocks

The Lion's Mane says:

just for whenever I need this

Slimy mikey says:

I hat Urup because they were rubbing the win in Americas face

lXFeniXl says:

How can he feel proud to win with that fagot garbodor deck?
He should feel shame to win with that deck, garbodor does not need strategy to play

Fat_Unicorn12 says:

A children’s card game for adults.

Elijah trujillo says:

They don’t have these things on Kauai…..

Leo 1045 says:

Why guy on left gotta look like napoleons uncle from napoleon dynamite

Austin Franks says:

Great job guys! Exhilarating matches!

Rene Leandro Moreno says:


Sina Mokhtarian says:


pr4nkst3b0y_Gaming says:

shouldve played lurantis maybe?

Ben Marshall says:

Tord you are good

mini movies says:

really watching closley to take notes for my tournament next tuesday

PJ says:

John ket is goat I want to meet him

tillapasta says:

I am confused. If it is the North American championships then why in a guy from Norway in the finals? Shouldn’t he be in a European championships?

Pokeclasher Justin says:

Man I wanted john to win and take home the trophy for the US but it was a great finals and congrats to both players!

cody price says:

can we shut the announcers up a bit to hear the players. i would like to have heard all the talk around 50:00

The Ultimate Umbreon says:

Well forset of giant plants will leave standard next year so decidueye gx will not Be as good

??? ??? says:

If there’s a Pokemon stadium for the switch, I need Josh and Kyle to be the spectators

Breanna Leigh says:

That woman’s red jumpsuit couldn’t have been a choice she made, was it?

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