2017 Pokémon St. Louis Regional Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Alex battle John in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game St. Louis Regional Championships Masters Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site!


Joe Martinez says:

If you run out of cards in your hand, do you get to draw 6 cards?? I watched the top 4 master finals with John kettler and he did this twice. i kept watching to see if he used a card but to my knowledge he didnt. i cant find an official rule!!!

Will Crowder says:

is this extended?

Louis-Etienne Belanger Gagnon says:

There is not enough of those videos

Chip yard says:

Kettler never offers his deck to Alex to cut and when he shuffles Alex’s deck he places it on his half of the board – I don’t know why but it bugs me. A little courtesy man.

Xbox Live says:

How many Pokémon can you have on your bench at once?

Richárd Bíró says:

How to counter all EX deck: use suicune or carbink ability and u win actually.

alberto pablo says:

where’s Cody walinski ?

c o says:

I wish coverage would show the trainers and items being played

Imagin8io says:

Very VERY Enjoyable set of games to watch. Definitely one of my all time favourites!

richardturtlegrande says:

That was a heartbreaker

Йоан Попоски says:

the lugia was John’s not Alex’s

FinnMcYT/PokeTube says:

what the heck

bluebladex3 says:

Compared to Yugioh where Zoo and Dracos are the only decks used in top 32 currently because the Power Creep is ridiculous. Pokemon is pretty unique with how there are different top decks. Last year the WCS for Pokemon it was a Greninja vs Audino Mega EX. Here in this Regional we got Decidueye/ Vileplume vs Mega Rayquaza. I think I even saw a Lapras deck topped in some other regional. WAY more varied meta in pokemon than Yugioh. Still like Yugioh though but Pokemon is fun to play to get a break from the Yugioh OTK. Also Pokemon is way easier on my wallet.

Jose Lopez says:

pet peeve when people decide to shuffle my deck for a whole minute rather than just cutting my deck

Oscar Silva says:

i’m new to the game and have a question here… I thought you could not evolve first turn?? How did he play the oddish and evolved it to a gloom?

Cohen_ X says:


Jake Dunbar says:

will that “crazy decidueye/vileplume” deck just happens to be the best deck in the format

Денис Тульчинский says:

TPSI i wanna ask you from all Russian pokemon tcg players please make more sents in Russia we didnd get breakpoint yet,please do something

vox claw9 says:

I beat 2nd place champion in my school first try

and it was only my 4th battle EVER

jack paull says:

that was unbelievable and amazing

Cake Boy says:

Johns bottom card of his deck never moves

Pika250 says:

The one card off the N to one won Alex the tournament.

Gareth Gallagher says:

These commentators are terrible. They said that Alex played hex maniac and on johns turn they were dumbfounded because John didn’t use feather arrow. Like are you dumb you just said Alex played hex maniac. Worst commentators


I got a shaymin to

Kronos Faze says:

if u finish ur turn how many cards do u draw

Turner Welborn says:

this is the era of pokemon where you just go first and win because of shaymin. It shouldn’t be like that. It essentially becomes a coin flip game.

Be a kid again says:

awesome job ur doing…❤

감성아재 says:

unbelievable last things…

Jonathan Arevalo says:

“A Stage 2 GX goes down on the first turn of the game.”
“Pokemon is the greatest thing in the world.”

spannmona says:


That Niga Across The Street says:

Super Smash Bros have better announcers.

DareDevle11 Gaming says:

I never caught that regionals were expanded

Andrea Amis says:


TheExtreme Challengers says:


Jeremiah Bachmann says:

This is not even close to being easy to follow. What is going on here???

Infernape 79 says:

the up down 2d view ruins such a great match.Still great video

rojoshow13 says:

In the first game the commentators said John didn’t use the Feather Arrow ability and said it might have been a mistake. I had to rewind it a little because I heard him say something about Feather Arrow. He couldn’t use it because of Hex Maniac. They said later that he searched it out but didn’t play it. I didn’t want to rewind it even more again but I’m pretty sure he did play it because that’s why he didn’t play Hoopa Ex on that turn. If he hadn’t used Hex Maniac he couldn’t have even played that item card to search for Hoopa. And I wasn’t even watching that close.

Irene Lee says:

3 rounds.
havent watched one woth 3 rounds in a really long time.
i think it is.

Eleanor Richardson says:

If kettler don’t have his rowlet prized he would have won

suppohkram says:

It’s kinda ridiculous how the commentators were really unclear about Wilson’s Hex Maniac preventing Kettler’s Feather Arrow for a turn in the first match…

Josh Dracoian says:

I’m glad that the Pokemon Company is keeping the Expanded format. Which means I can play competive Pokemon, that isn’t the video games.

ShinySyduck says:

Miss Pooka’s voice so much !

Jarrett Smith says:

why do they wear headphones with mics on them please answer

Nova Lightchaos says:

Is this standard or traditional?

Natesoyramaman2 says:

what does this stream on.

Xbox Live says:

Respect to the guy using the Rowlet deck. Not many people use evolution decks.

Alfred Kruse says:

Here is a question for you guys:
Are you a
A. TCG Player
B. VGC Player
C. Other kinds of of pokemon games (comment what game)

Italian Cinccino says:

John was pretty bad the second round, it was almost like 3 of his pokemon where prized.

Gtgamer TBG says:

#playpokemon #johnkettler #decidueye

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