2017 Pokémon World Championships: TCG Junior Finals

Watch Minaki battle Tobias in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships Junior Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/ST1xUq


Xientist says:

why are the commentators so bad? they seem to have no enthusiasm at all and struggle hard to keep the conversation ongoing

Juckle says:

Wait, hold up. Some kids actually play the card game by the rules. I thought every kid just made up there own rules

Gamer KID says:

I love pkm tcg

Gaming Phoenix 06 says:


Reddolphin6366 says:

What’s the point of the headphones? Is it to block sound so they can concentrate?

LuckyDurp says:

Why does he have all Japanese cards is that legal in American TCG

Shadow Angey says:


유니츄 says:

He is very cute!!

フグ太郎 says:


CiaoGalassia says:

What is max number of cards allowed in hand?

Poké AK says:

I remember playing the card game at my local mall with other players back in 1998. Some of the best days of my life!

The Canadian Lion says:

I only play gardevoir decks

MasterOfSteak says:

No! I was going for Minaki! Man 🙁

Space Explosion says:

Not trying to be racist but like I always expect at least one Japanese in the finals. I mean, Pokémon originated there right? Idk they are just really good (other non Japanese are too I mean Tobias won so)

Aquamarine Gem says:

What’s that music at the start <3?

Eggcool - minecraft and more says:


Kirigaya Kazuto says:

Why are these 10 year olds wasting their lives playing Pokemon

JarJarAckbar says:

I wonder how much money his parents spent on his cards

Bryan A.Cal says:

Tobias are they saying his name wrong, it should like, toe-bias is usually is how its stated(How to Pronounce Tobias-youtube) and those head phones were on comfortable for him they should have put a hat on his head that can be distracting.

FiredUpCharcoal says:

I didn’t care for the whole game. I just stared at the plushies.

Make Xatu GX a thing Pokémon. Just do it.

Kemp101 says:

being a tcg collector and not a player, I barely understand whats happening with Gx moves and abilities and supporters, etc.

The Keith says:

Im sick of seeing the Leles and Gardevoirs….

Kayzenhyuga Ninja Gamer says:

it’s during these moments that I am proud of being a norwegian

NegativeValue says:

Where do I get that Gardevoir plush?

Waterworks says:

I thought VS Seeker was out of rotation, or is that once Crimson Invasion comes out?

Pethra Söderqvist says:

i,m norwaegian

Rick W says:

5:18 why did he discard his tapu lele

The Anime Girl says:

i wish i knew how play pokemon cards

991.2 GT3 says:

This is such a joke, how are these kids even playing they came out of the womb like 14 minutes ago

Galladite 614 says:

How many times they said Gardevoir and Gallade

MadMan_CZ says:


Gaming Phoenix 06 says:


Dead Memes says:

46:23 Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

lescats says:

what are the headphones for

Electric88 says:


nerdy noctowl! says:

I wish my parents supported me like this, getting me the cards and driving me to tournamate.

hysuka2 says:

I’m so lost right now. I dunno why I’m still watching this.

Monketron says:

They remind me when I was a kid, except they actually know how to play the game right.

Nintendo Juegos 3Ds says:


Broken Arrow says:

I feel like these children actually have zero fun time. 24/7 Pokemon cards.

Cool Poole says:

Okay this is so much more complicated than how I play. I don’t use energys or anythimg

Shaun Morgan says:

2:55 when you forget the competitors name, erm.. er.. like we’ve seen…

Young Kapp'n says:

Smh this is what happens when homo’s get their hands on their parents credit cards.

DogeTehDoge DogeTehDoge says:

This is sad

93desousa says:

Did they mic the table?? Why are card noises so loud

soEPICGaming says:

I play tcg and i do not know what theyre doing

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