2017 Pokémon World Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Naoto battle Diego in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships Masters Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/ST1xUq


DeyCallMe Lion says:

How did diego win when he needed 2 prizes in the end ???

Dillon Pauls says:

This makes it more entertaining with Kermit the frog announcing

The mighty Solgaleo says:

Who wants to challenge me into a Pokemon sun and moon i tend to be the number one pokemon master in the whole world

Andrés Felipe Silva Acosta says:

80% de la partida se la pasan mezclando decks.

Capi Etheriel says:

22:50 How does Naoto attach both Choice Band and Float Stone to the same pokemon? I thought a pokemon could only have one tool.

IanDaAwesomizer says:

Juniors – cool, fun, nice
Seniors – okay wow

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

Epic match

Ash Blaze says:


Heroesydados says:


Lamtomxx says:

Increíble pero no la segundeamos.

Saiyan Cragus says:

Diego cheated on the guzma!!! How did NO ONE catch this??? :/

Rex 023 says:


Nilton Revolledo says:

Felicidades Diegoooo, genio!

Luis Jenothan says:

I thought pokemon is for kids……. I didn’t know it’s also for adults

Francisco Arreola says:

messi de pokemon

Tailzkip - Webcomic Artist says:

idk…That’s a lot of people there to watch card games not on motorcycles

gowther b says:

presiso da legenda

Mateo Abadia says:

Orguyo Argento Papá!!!!

pokefillms says:

Diego fue un capoPrimero no lo dejo respirar, luego casi le ganan pero lo hace polvo

Lautar 12365 says:

Que diego maradona ni diego maradona DIEGO CASSIRAGA PAPA!!!

Diego Iannuzzi says:

Genio de los genios del TCG … el mejor parido de tcg pokemon que vi …. lejos ….

coolstuff99 says:

I like how half this before is them shuffling

TheViralMelonIFna // Hypixel says:

6:14 PTCGRadio tweeted

Shinuslaw says:

Reminds me of the TopCut ;_;. Pooka is love, Pooka is life

exequiel carrasco says:

no entendi nada jajajaja

TheGoldenScarecrow says:

ganó por una nariz! No ya en serio. Cool que un latino haya ganado!

guillepaaan says:

Argentina papaaaá

Kyle Collins says:

Lol yeah Diego cheated with the guzma switch into ralts, JUDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Fernan Oyana Lets Plays says:

Naoto la tenés adentro, Grande Diego!

bigtrumpwinner hillaryforprez says:

Why can’t you guys use ptcgo to mimic the game it would be so much more entertaining!!

Juan Karl says:

maradona: la mano de dios
cassiraga: el ralts de arceus :v

Ajeje Brazorf says:

The name of the ReadHead?

Ezequiel Vazquez says:

Argentina Papa!!

Unusual Kmc says:

These commentators are amazing. I’ve watched other commentators, and they’re just not as exciting

Meg Taylor says:

Diego Cassiraga cheated in the first game. He played Guzma. He was supposed to switch to a different Pokemon. He didn’t. He moved his active (Ralts) to the benched. He let a little time pass before choosing an active.Then he moved his Ralts back to the active. He was supposed to choose a different Pokemon.

Ash Swaggy says:

At 24:14 Diego cuts his deck after Naoto already cut it. He might not have got the choice band if he didn’t do that. Seems kinda like a cheap move to me.

BonnarooHugh says:

For real though, who is the announcer girl at the beginning?

Franco Blanco says:

ARGENTO ES ! JAJAJA orgullo latino!

mauro pereira says:

Do they win something?

Robert Hewitt says:


Franco Blanco says:

el messi de los TCG de pokemon xD

Rodro TV says:

No entiendo nada pero se me pianto un lagrimon cuando gano

Leonel Ferro says:

Orgullo argentino!!! Vamo Diegoooooo!!!!

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