2017 Pokémon World Championships: TCG Senior Finals

Watch Michael battle Zachary in the finals of the 2017 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships Senior Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/ST1xUq


Senaritch games says:

Who saw Mikey from deriums like if you saw

Noah Man says:

Almost every comment is about Mikey or someone trying to be the first comment lol.

TheoriZe says:

ayy it’s Mikey 😀

Scott Elder says:

Michael’s reactions made this worth watching

Brian Brown says:

Win this for the channel Micky win for derium

Arcenedon says:


Pokemaster Eric says:

Mikey from Deriums pokemon is a judge

Scott Elder says:

the end of game 2 was beautiful

PGHEWrexham says:

Is that Mikey form Deriums, I can see?

Big MegaGyarados says:

Yoo micky judge for Michael lol

Vaporeon 344 says:

I wish I could play in these tournaments. I don’t have the cards to play tho!

Jean Franco Cammardella says:

why they are keep doing things with their cards in the hands?

Rowan The Tcg master says:

On turn one he drawed two cards for one mulligon when it was his opponents turn can someone  please explain why he was able to do this

ThePipeMax says:

Me entristece

Alfred Kruse says:

That bubble is gonna become a meme. Calling it now.

Scott Elder says:

alolan Vulpix and Ninetails GX are amazingly good cards

Nick Hacquebord says:


jelluh24 says:

time to unsub from this channel for a little while again

Young Kapp'n says:

🙂 atleast it’s not gaydivior

alexandre feliciano says:


Tommy9834 says:

How do you guys like this idea? Each player can bring two decks to a match, at the beginning it’s a blind pick, and whoever loses the first match can opt to switch to a different deck.

James R says:


KashMann27 says:

That match was amazing, good effort by Michael there. Froakie sure was the MVP! 🙂

Jason Renou says:


TheLegendOfTommy says:

Wait is Michael long American or Canadian?

PADgamer says:

Zach goes to the league next to me and we both built ninetales. NO JOKE!!

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