2018 Pokémon North America International Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Tord battle Stéphane in the finals of the 2018 Pokémon Trading Card Game North America International Championships Masters Division (match starts at 4:38)! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/2v4OQyp


Dimitris Kontoleon says:

21:52 what? i mean he play max posion and now he just kill (GARBOTOXIN?) I mean the other one looks like much more threat in my eyes
he sac 2 prices just to have trade available?

The Super Z Family says:

That was a thorough spanking.

PiKaShu :__________/ says:


Zyriøs says:

Judging by the views and comments most people don’t care
but i do, this was intense, glad i saw it!

Epic-a Wer says:


lugia 2 says:


yeet Master says:


Derp Charizard says:

I’m new to this… what are the dice for?

Peter Koutoujian says:

What decks were these two playing. This is confusing!

Mbadcraft says:


Scheidecker2 says:

Its a shame, I would love to play the pokemon tcg irl, (and yes I have played the online but its not the same),its just, around here there is nobody to play with and nowhere to play. 🙁

MiLoTCG says:

Oh look, still a Zoroark dominant meta. Glad I stopped playing. Good to see Tord get rekt though.

Jamesta James says:

Can’t believe tord won yet again.

Tannerlini says:

58:16 you can pinpoint the exact moment my heart shattered

Mega Serperior says:

I am so surprised that tord lost

Eric says:

Trash beats trash mill

Chikapake says:


CEAP03 says:


Cole Craft says:

hi also second

Peter Parker says:

Time to take some notes for next year☺

NerdHamster says:


Lunala Moon says:


CheesyGiratina says:

Again, better than the world cup

PerfectPhoenixLPs says:

A mirror match and Pokemon’s like, “Eh, we don’t care about ‘balancing’. Wish there was something we could do to make them realize how bad of a card game TCG is.

Inferno Avatar says:

Whats up with the trainer count thing

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