2018 Pokémon Oceania International Championships: TCG Masters Finals

Watch Joe battle Tord in the finals of the 2018 Pokémon Trading Card Game Oceania International Championships Masters Division! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site: http://bit.ly/ST1xUq


Marcin Sankiewicz says:

to nie sa pokemony kurwa, skonczyly sie na 2 serii !!11

Guigui Games says:

Anyone know where to buy that GX buttons (the thing that has GX on it) or they just use in tournament?

rayshingan killer gamer says:

Put serena in pokemon sun and moon

Cold Charizard says:

Da wossy!!!!

Galaxyglaceon10 says:


Bran Stan says:

Also shoutout to the gnat at 1:01:26

Black Red Eldes says:

ı heart

hopalongjens says:


Gasparcho Ramiirez says:

Por no

Serena Lara Gonzalez says:


Rattler gaming says:


Brian Diomede says:

Freedom is the power to say 2+2=4

Huarali Reyes says:


Megazonian says:

They look depressed

Revolutionaire Rebel says:


Tannerlini says:

Does anyone know a good replacement for Espeon EX once it rotates out?

PokeGMaestro! ! says:

Can someone please paste Tord’s Deck Recipe

David PT says:

I understand nothing about Pokemon TCG, why is Torb checking all his cards in the beginning constantly? He goes over them multiple times how is that even a thing

Pikapower9 says:

Goooood morning or depending on when your watching this good afternoon good evening or good night my name is Ross or toldihadavoice radio and today I have some very exciting news about our new set forbidden light

cheesemanofderp Dwyer says:

Tord is a beast and always will be

Honedge Knight Music says:


Vegeta SSB says:


Justin Y. says:

I am a clone of our lord and saviour Justin Y.

William Priest says:

Ross and Kyle are the best announcers ever.

Sasuke_ 9001 says:

Is that ptcgo radio?

No ηαмε says:

Am i the only one who think they wasted so much time in doing deck shuffle? Meh they spent more than 10minutes for card shuffle in just few turns. What a stupid move i would say….keep shuffle for what lolz

Mohammed Muhi Uddin says:

That ref is so bored

ese 9o 3 says:

i challenge you to a childrens card game

Nel Nel says:

Kermit the frog is spectating pokemon

Legendary Void says:

2 amazing commentators boyos

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