3x Games with Rayquaza GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Rayquaza GX vs three random decks on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Ash - Ishaan says:

Good luck Andrew!

Anton Peterkin says:

Good luck at Worlds!

scruffythelilslugger says:

Good luck at Worlds Mahone! I’m rooting for you!

DefinitionPotato Potato says:

I like how in competitive TCG, when someone plays a stadium card you can get rid of it with a field blower. Like, in the real world, if your in a place you don’t wanna be you just whip out your leaf blower and just blow it away. I want to do this IRL.

Mitchell Ellis says:

Please not ray , go buzz garb please

Phillip Abeita says:

You’re playing rayquaza gx all wrong

Caleb Doucet says:

Good luck at worlds Andrew!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone, this time I have a feeling that you are going to do really good in worlds. I know you have been practicing since last year for this occasion. And I know that you are going to make a top cut this worlds. We all hope for your best. These intuitions are positive. These are telling me that Andrew mahone is going to do well in worlds again and again. I hope this is true. Alright that’s it. Best of luck Andrew for your worlds!

Best0fbart 15 says:

Could you show us or tell us the way you have your studio set up for tabletop matches?

JLF1987 says:

With the thumbnail I was hoping to see a gardy matchup with ray. I wanted to see how you’d fair. Kinda bummed I didn’t get to see that 🙁

Poké TUBE says:

10 32 for me (p.m. ) #grinding

ArtyFarts says:

Tbh I can’t wait until next format.

Yo Po says:

Good luck for worlds

BlazingAura97 says:

What do you think you’re gonna play at Worlds?

Anime Club says:

GOOD LUCK DUDE ! don’t dissapoint us >< ! , we want you to return A CHAMP !

kingsnafu says:

Can somebody trade me an ultra necrozma gx on ptcgo i have an offer that I will give you a misty determination full art a pokemon ranger full art and a Snorlax gx with the other Snorlax im new and im just trying to have fun

Hyaku Shiki says:

Enjoy your time in Nashville! I’m a local to the area and will be at the WC with my girlfriend as spectators. We’ll be routing for you!


That metagross deck is actually super sweet. Looks like I know what im playing next format

Jamesta James says:

Why the Garde thumbnail?

Jean Alexander says:

Rayquaza GX is not consistent. If you get against a Glaceon GX then you will be locked without doing anything with Lele GX nor Rayquaza GX.

Zoroark GX/Gardevoir GX is going to be the deck to watch for. Buzzwole/Lycanroc GX will be there for those Zoroark.

I think you should play with a BuzzRoc list but if you feel comfortable with Rayquaza GX then use it!

Good Luck on Worlds! Go for the win! But above all: Have fun 😀

Piper Fox says:

Mahone please do a vlog in world championships

Hunter Thorne says:

I’ll be honest I was kind of rooting for your opponent in the third match, I really like his deck

Gill Kid says:

You got me and 36,000 others rooting for you, go get it done

DJones1048 says:

I loved that metagross/solgaleo gx with Steven’s Resolve. Super interesting deck and looks really fun when it works.

Collin Kurzner says:

Is drampa garb still relevant? Its the only thing I got on ptcgo

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

I think pal pad would be good in this deck because of all the supporters that you’re milling.

Kyle Markham says:

Mahone good luck at worlds!!! In the metagross game I would have ultra ball for the ray play the ray in hand ability then play the next ray ability then elixir bc that takes 7 cards out of the deck

Lox4013 says:

Fantastic video.

Also, I just received my Misty mat and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The quality is top notch and the entire process in terms of purchase and delivery went EXTREMELY smooth.

Outstanding man and channel!

Epic-a Wer says:

5 minutes and I can’t even get the first comment:(

thatguy00271 says:

Very cool Metagross Solgaleo deck

Anton Peterkin says:

Marshadow is Mvp.

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