Alolan Ninetales GX / Gardevoir – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays the NEW Alolan Ninetales GX / Gardevoir in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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AlwayLike ByPanda says:

Give for deck list please ^^

Christopher Morales says:

Weakness policy?

Yo Po says:

No fairy charm?

BlazingAura97 says:

6:55 I would’ve gone for the Snowy Wind to knock out the Ribombee, as there wasn’t a guarantee that he had the Metals in hand to KO the Ninetales. Even if he had 2 Energy in hand, he could only hit you for a max of 180, instead of Stakataka hitting you for 240 and getting the KO

Gil Monat says:

why the 60 hp mudkip?

Spicy 5Z says:

Buzzwole/Ninetales for the win!

Riley Hulbert says:

This is much less horrible than Gardy Sylveon Swampert 🙂

Keiranus says:

Could you try out solgaleo with the new ninetales I think its busted right now

Phu Huynh says:

Great video Mr. Mahone!

mindustrial says:

I only disliked because I just am so bored with Gardevoir.

Syed Rhode says:

Awesome deck. Just loved it

Apriyas says:

Ninetales / Solgaleo? Ninetales / Buzzwole?

Chroma Palatinate says:

Remember Swampert counts for Super Boost’s effects!

Ryan Deeley says:

This deck is fun but I beat it so easily I don’t no why

Jamesta James says:

2:50 you look like a super happy Air Marshal

Ryan O'Rourke says:

Team Gardy!

Fraser Cuviello says:

Damn man I wanna build this now lol

applesandshoes says:


Brock VanWye says:

Thank you for the video.

Rudra Jaiswal says:

Live stream mahone

BitsAndGlory says:

I was thinking about this deck last night! My decks I used to use got ravaged by the rotation & new META. Been just opening packs IRL and prepping my PTCGO codes, haha. I never played Gardy at all, so unlike many others in the comments… it’s not gonna be stale for me. GGs!

Jack Høye says:

No Minas? I feel like it could be nice to have at least one if you´re facing getting no energies issues 🙂 Or Energy Lotto / maybe the new Azumarill is nice too. Love the Ninetales idea though 🙂

Jesús Tapia says:

I build this deck is awesome but what about fairy charm?, i have problems with Buzzwoles and Psyquics Gx, i dislike timer ball but there isnt another way to search evolutions

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love the inclusion of ninetales in gardy. It makes it so fun and amazing.

Ryan O'Rourke says:

Hmmm, not sure about the baby Gardy, the search for 3 attack is great but on a stage 2 it seems like it’s mostly going to come too late, and the Alolan Ninetales Mysterious Guidance kind of overlaps with it. Maybe just a one of baby Gardy if at all? There’s also the new Ribombee that blocks supporters from targeting your fairy pokemon on the bench. Hard to find room for it though both in deck and on bench…

Skybluecoop says:

Would you mind showing the deck lists on your videos please. Either at the start of the video or in the description

chocolateking1 says:

This is pretty good lol. I dunno if it’s Tier 1 but that Ninetales getting you back Items is pretty scary. Especially in expanded.

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