Andrew VS Natalie Pokemon Celestial Storm Prerelease Build and Battle!

Andrew Mahone and Natalie Shampay build decks using the Build and Battle prerelease kits from the new Pokemon Trading Card set, Celestial Storm, and play a best of three match in this tabletop gameplay video! Who do you think will come out on top?!


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Peter Koutoujian says:

I feel like no one got anything good in their prerelease. Rip. Does anyone feel the same

SignahOfficial says:

Got celestila for promo. Said to myself I need stakataka. Boom. Got a stakataka. Almost won once with my deck needed 1 metal and time ran out :/

lego Fry says:


Tom Cole says:

Swampert is BUSTED!

Ash - Ishaan says:

Awesome video

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I definitely love this series

ArtyFarts says:

Just got back, got the prism as well.

Benjamin Bilenko (2024) says:

Make a swapert decklist


Cool but also odd playmat in my opinion

Ei - on says:

Wailord tank game. Don’t need to attack with it but it is nice to have 230 base health on a stage 1 with a nice chunk of damage if you can manage the set up.

DapperDraBy says:

Stop giving away my secret deck. I’m all about that manectric/swampert


I th8nk getting the two metang was a mis play unless the metegross was prized

TristenPence says:

The optimal prerelease kit would be swampert and articuno gx to counter swalot and to just be good

Audrey Majors says:

You guys should try to find older prerelease kits from XY block or older. I think it would make for a good video

AlexH274 says:

Old MB = New GB, old GB is new nest ball

Jamesta James says:

Isn’t Jirachi a one retreater? 29:20

Number Six says:

Played Swampert/Kyogre with 2-1 Swalot and it worked pretty well. Except when I played against a Septile and couldn’t get any other pokes powered up(bench out loss. didn’t pull any fire type to counter). And Mr. Mime GX wasn’t much fun since I only hit big even damage (except for Dual Splash) (tied). Still. I think it went pretty well. That energy searching Mudkip is not to be underestimated. Fun games mostly.

This video helped a lot, especially when I decided to do the Swalot line. Definitely worth it to stall a bit to get my attacker setup.

_WhYdOyOuCaRe _ says:

Not first and not last

Tanner gross says:

I am a big fan you are my inspiration andrew

Miles Sommerdorf says:

mr.Mime magic evens 2-0!!!

Richie Rich says:


Prestige Pokemon says:

Nice video

Gengar says:

playmat ordered

jamesrock27 says:

Hey great video Mann really enjoyed it. I got the Celesteela pre-release pack and I didn’t pull any other good pokemon either so I went with the Metagross / Swalot / delcatty / Celesteela. I did pull a few good extra supporters / items though in my booster packs (Super scoop up, Switch, Tate & Liza, friend ball). My deck went 2-1 and I rate the Swalot it slowed down the game giving me time to build up my metagross or allowing you time to use Swalot 2nd attack for 120. 🙂 My extra supporters + Delcatty’s ability did help me to switch my pokemon around though which you needed to make any use of Celesteela (that was my worst pokemon). 🙂

Bloody Envy says:

It Feels bad mahone.. you were 0-3 last pre-release event.. and now 0-2 against nathalie.. and that swampert.. damn..

SignahOfficial says:

Had my prelease just now. 0/1/2 almost won once. Deck was swampert celestila stakataka metagros

Robert Newman says:

that mat is mint man

Nadav sc says:

swampert is basically keldeo ex in draft form

Brian Erickson says:

So far got Articuno GX and after Eletrode GX. Still one more day

Red_Ninja_Red says:

You not doing the pack trick bothers me

thomas rowe says:

Have you considered recording your pokemon cube drafts and games? As someone who comes from magic and loves cube drafting in that game I would love to see it in action in pokemon as well

TristenPence says:

When you open rare candy swampert at prerelease in the opening hand. GG

Vortex Go Viral says:

Swampert was not busted I played metagross and Manetrick and got

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