Blacephalon GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Blacephalon GX in this Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay video.

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CBear Gaming says:

Happy to see you got that Zebstrika tech :p

Tyler Kwong says:

I find that Tapu Fini is a decent ‘half’ counter of Blacephalon for any deck. It can hit and run for 100 damage with one colourless energy and a choice band. We then send out some useless non-GX for Blacephalon to burn. I personally find that Scizor works well with Fini. The former is great as an anti-meta attacker, the latter just fits in nicely because Scizor is a weird exception that enjoys being hit hard. Metal Frying Pan is also a nice inclusion, of course.

Mewtwo's YouTube says:

Your so good playing blacephalon. MIND BLOWN.

The Prism Star says:

I’m hoping to get this deck for Christmas!

IntakeEevee says:

For the next tourneys you should have a face cam while you are commentating!

Jamesta James says:

The only time I don’t think plays are BM is when you do extra damage at the end, for math reasons. I do it all the time with Feather Arrow, to make sure I don’t lose the game. If I kept playing Rescue Stretcher, Ultra Ball, etc that’s BM.

Brian Sciarratta says:

The only change I made to Tran’s deck was to go down to a 3:3 nag/poipole line and add in zebstrika. So I have both muk and zebstrika. If I’m playing a deck that requires basic abilities, muk if not zebstrika

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone. The video was awesome. Thank You for showcasing my favourite deck CAKE POP. I watched the whole stream. It was awesome.

Zach Monty says:

the sound seems a bit out of sync other than that great video. great moves Mahone keep it up!

Stephen Vandelli says:

Cake Pop!!!!!!

Notorious Red28 says:


Luxio 420 says:

Luxio420 here, this is like the only game I haven’t been able to set up gengars but they’re gnawing curse abilities put 2 dmg counters on a Pokemon every time you attach an energy. They stack too and ptcgo is broken atm so naganadels charge up triggers the ability even though the attachment isn’t from the hand.

cpt leeadama says:

Nice! I much prefer watching attacking games. FYI – Gengar is annoying because you shouldn’t get damage from charge up with Nagadal (it’s not an attachment from hand), but you do at the moment on PTCGO 🙁

Sp00nRX78 says:

Sceptile love?

Nolan Ingersoll says:

This video tripping me out with out of sync voice lol. Still great vid man!!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Cake pop GX

Andre Lindo says:

Hey Andrew! Loved the live stream! Would love to do something like that here in Canada! Could email you to find out your whole set up? Keep up the great work

JoeTheHoe says:

Audio is way out of sync

megazilch says:

Yer lips being out of sinc are throwing me off lol

Mysticrainbow28 says:

somehow heard k-pop from cake pop lol

Dave-O da 3rd says:

I have yet to pull a Cake Pop of any sort.

Riley Hulbert says:


Clinton Matos says:

Far from the best deck in format, but very strong and easy to play. Mirror matches are a nightmare though. They usually come down to luck and who decides to attack through confusion.

Chandelure Scorcher says:


Avery Seltzer says:

I’m TERRIFIED of this deck

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