BOOM BOOM SELF DESTRUCT | Pokémon Trading Card Game #6 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Perpetual Penguin says:

He’s so good at this game

Solstng says:

Play more Sim City

Tom Marcum says:

please keep that bug deck for a little longer. When you want to try a new one, maybe a fighting deck would be fun?

raekuul says:

I deck-stalled the Psychic Club leader with a Dragonair just the other day.

LagunaX1 says:

Maybe the card game is actually why they added baby pokemon, to nerf cards like Hitmonchan. Assuming you need the baby mons to evolve into them. The concept helps balance the card game whereas in the games baby mons are pointless, some you can’t even get without breeding the evolved form.

zazakoolaid says:

I remember for ages trying to get that damn Dragonair card. I had 227/228 for the longest time then I FINALLY got the damn thing and had a complete collection.
Then my cousin (isn’t it ALWAYS your cousin?) erased my save file by starting a new game and saving over my completed game. I was not happy.

Onyx says:

is projared forgeting scyther’s other skill, which doubles his slash’s damage.

Fungeon Crawl says:

This series is awesome. Just so relaxing to watch 🙂 Please finish!

MigzMachine says:

This series is so entertaining

Renato Corvaro says:

Yeah I’m probably going to play this game at some point because of this series.

Jayman1clone says:

Jared: What’s scyther’s retreat cost? … Doesn’t have one, that’s nuts!
Jared minutes later: *uses switch on scyther*

Arsenalmagus says:

Now that’s the deck I want to see Jared play. Boom Boom Selfdestruct!

patu8010 says:

5:36 I feel attacked

Pensissimo says:

there is a way to get plenty more energy
in the laboratory

Shawn Heatherly says:

Self-destruct seems worthless in this game, honestly.

AtmaDragoon says:

Glad you’re having fun, Jared! This stroll down memory lane is fun for me, too~

Fingers crossed that you get the “random encounter” duel in at least one of the club side rooms on this playthrough… >_>

Christobel 241 says:

I could say that I’m having as much fun as you are playing this game, as I am watching you play. I’m really loving this playthrough. I really can’t wait to see the next one. Please play this all the way, I would love to see this to the end.

TehJoninator5 says:

I actually have the exact Surfing Pikachu card from this episode! I unpacked it a while back and went “HOLY SHIT! AWESOME!” It’s one of my favorite Pokemon cards I’ve ever drawn from a pack.

mindisfrozen says:

Winning gym fights with Caterpie, what is this, Pokemon Let’s Go?

Bit Scholar says:

When I was a kid, my sister had a small stack of pokèmon cards and gave me her doubles. None of them were very good. I never bothered to look into playing the game proper. This series has made me regret that choice.

Zanji1234 says:

Electrabuz is not “ok” he is great 🙂 with Sycther, Electrabuzz and HItmonlee it was THE best deck in Base – Jungle – Fossil time … low energy cost, high HP for a basic and quick and easy set up
btw: Venusaur + Pokemon Center = Free heal. Since you only detach from pokemon with dmg counters you swap them on venausaur (or any non dmg pokemon) use center and than switch energy again
Also Zapdos was used with Base Set Magneton which could blow itself up to provide energy 🙂 so you could have thunder in turn 2 or 3

AND after this you should play the fan translated second game of the Pokemon TCG Team Great Rocket

Prophetless772 says:

Use B to run

VulcanFaux says:

I kind wish these kind of card games would make a return, you know the silly singleplayer focused ones the puts you in a world that for some reason revolves around the card game and let’s you go on a little adventure. Sure multiplayer can still be in it but as like a secondary thing. I am not talking about the multiplayer ones that already exist by the way, I’m talking about single player focused ones. Like this one. My personal favorite was a yugioh one for the GBA that was based on the city tournament of the show. It was pretty fun.

shokkazuluman says:

“I’m placing my hopes and dreams into Caterpie right now” That plan hasn’t failed him so far.

Noble Einherjar says:

And I’m having a lot more fun watching this series than I thought I would. Not that I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it’s even better than I expected.

Eric Morrison says:

The Haymaker Deck was by far the best deck you could make which is Himanchan, Electabuzz, Syther. It is a jank ass deck for sure

Kutao Izumi says:

Gokusaur uses the Solarkidama!

Stefen Schauer says:

Lightning Club Member Jennifer gets me. It may be cliche but Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon and nothing has dethroned it in my twenty years of playing all the games. It was love at first sight– wait that came out wrong

djskype020202 says:

I don’t remember if it’s an actual cheat or if it’s a superstition but if when you flip a coin and you push down down b (or A) I think it’s supposed to give you heads each time

Mark Dowd says:

You forgot Eevee has Tail Wag to stall with.

Deknas says:

Yo if you just talk to the gym leaders the professor will send you an email with boosters in themin your mail. Alsoif you battle the scientist in the lab to the room in the right he gives you boosters with nothing but energy cards in them.

Nekufan1000000 says:

You asked for deck ideas last episode, but I think after seeing this your old rare draw Gyrados deserves a deck! C’mon, build on your nostalgia.

sphinx1390 says:

Jesus Jared USE TAILWAG you’re driving me nuts.

Gungho73 says:

These videos are the best. I honestly just refresh this in hopes of finding you put out another Pokemon TCG episode!

Kutao Izumi says:

Man, I wish they ported the Pokemon TCG online app to android phones already!

Jeffrey McNeil says:

Watching you play this has gotten me to redownload the game on my 3DS. just approaching the 8th leader now.

JoeRow says:

You can do a cool combo with Venusaur and Pokémon Center. Use Energy Trans to put all your grass energy on an undamaged Pokémon, heal your others with Pokémon Center, then move all the energy back with Energy Trans! Free complete heal without paying the cost 🙂

Aldo Aldana says:

Jared remember that Eevee has tail wag so he doesn’t get attack while getting the energies

ChaosHolland28 says:

why does this look so fun, wish I was into the card game as a kid now

Chaod666 says:

Alakazam was my first shiny rare and was also in my first pack. My buddy got Charizard shiny… fucking friendship smashed apart for 20 years. We are alright now but holy hell did that drive us apart.

Orillion123456 says:

Your series of this made me dig up my own copy of the game from my collection… and then I noticed that my gameboys are gone (sister borrowed them years ago and never returned them), my original DS is broken (the bit holding the halves together snapped) and none of my goddamn monitors are compatible to plug my SNES into.

The pain of not being able to legitimately play something one legitimately owns…

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