BUSTED Blacephalon GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays the new Blacephalon GX from Sun and Moon: Lost Thunder in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Check out Andrew’s original list for the exciting new Blacephalon GX deck at the end of the video.

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Yo Po says:

Malamar/giratina won a large tournament in japan and beat blacephalon in the finals

Kyle Appel says:

Game 2 was the Tokyo open championship deck it won a 1200 person tournament, I’m not sure if I’m saying the opponent was not creative or just that it’s definitely not gimmicky he was just playing the deck incorrect. Either way cake pop is what I’m playing right now.

Mitchell Ellis says:

My ultra nec deck busted a cake pop deck today just Guzma the naganedals

volkswagendrvr88 says:

“This is the worst timeline” I caught that community reference lol.

Ben Mackay says:

Honestly I don’t think sightseer and beast ring are slightly wasted in this deck. Stretcher and switch would be better options tbh.

Blackened Sprite says:

Love, LOVE this deck. Finally an Ultra Beast deck I can play that isn’t just Dusk Mane Necrozma / Zoroark 😛 considering how meh NagaTakka turned out to be as well

gammafighter says:

Andrew Mahone, #1 Giratina reader NA.

Nickles says:

1 jumpluff in 150 packs. RIP me.
Smth is definitly wrong with their pull rate.

Luxio 420 says:

Are the granbull decks playing counter catcher? They seem to be a perfect 4 of for the magcargo oranguru engine, similar effect of the bloodthirsty eyes ability in zoroark decks that has a similar draw ability. You might say it’s budget zororoc?

ForTheWinTCG says:

As I say, you always need a rescue stretcher xD

Rafa Lopez says:

I wonder how many times Mahoney gets tagged for slow playing?

Herr AR says:

tbh from my experience Blacephalon isn’t busted, it just has too little board control and gets outplayed easily in late game, It gets destroyed by malamar(definitely) and probably by some others as well

Chris Cassells says:

You should build zeraora

slayerbeats pokemon says:

Ok I know some one who pulled tgis hyper at prerealeas

jjmmos says:

Cake pop=op deck

Number Six says:

Is it just me or is the FullGrip site super slow right now?

NDogg15 says:

Win conditions are counted after all lingering effects are resolved, and then whoever has the most win conditions wins. If both have the same number, it’s a tie and you do into Sudden Death (which you would pretty much auto-win because of Burst GX and the rule change).

Boba Life says:

what happens when you mill to many energy?

Znido Znidersic says:

Cake Pop luck was insane on that stream and the pulls were amazing. Much love from Australia Mahomies! P.s. Riley’s burns were also on point!

Joshua Carnell says:

What do you think of Turtonator from Dragon Majesty in the deck? Would be a good counter to Sceptile’s Ultra Beast ability, and would allow you to attack and not send energy to the Lost Zone.

Marshall Robinson says:

You should play Hala since you always use Burst GX turn 2

Wen Zhao says:

Andrew that Giratina deck won the Tokyo tournament which is the same as our standard now…. sooo not exactly unproven.

Stars Clash Gamer says:

i play 1 lusamine prism in my cake pops deck for a tech as you can prevent the damage to the cake pops and still have beast rings the following turn if they don’t guzma around you.
i dunno just an idea tbh

FlaminVictini says:

11:04 “Galactic ball looking head thing … Exploding Popsicle stick thing ” – Andrew Tricky gym Mahone, 2018

Jeffrey Platt says:

Hqy Andrew have you considered reshiram GX in cakepop? I’ve been testing it in my build. And it is insane. Allowing the deck to set up better. While reshiram is in the active doing work.

Jordan Pope says:

I’ve opened 2 cake pops, 3 ninetales, 800million of the new prism stars, sceptile 3 times but only 1 jumpluff :[

The sophistichimp says:

Yeah I played a game using a zebstrika and couldn’t use sprint with a 0 card hand. I actually ended up loosing because of that too

Tanish Sachdeva says:

First. Cakepopz gx is busted. Honestly Blacephalon naganadel deck is busted. This deck is definitely the BDIF. This is for sure my favourite deck mahone.

Joshua Trotterchaud says:

Sick games man this deck is nutz!!

Lennert De Clercq says:

You had T2 KO on the Dhelmise though.
Attach fire to Blacephalon, evolve into Naganadel, use Naganadel’s ability, retreat and put the basic fire energy from Blacephalon GX to the Lost Zone. That way you’d have done 50 + 30 from Beast Energy and that 80 damage times 2, because of weakness 🙂 still, nice gameplay ^^

ShineyPikachu says:

good thing jumpluff is a league promo lol

Yo Po says:

at 4:10 you had the knockout. You should have attached from hand to blaceaphalon instead of poipole and then ultra spaced for naganadel use ability then retreat and then attack

Jamesta James says:

Sprint is such a good name.

Hemanth kamana says:

though you were saying k pop instead of cake pop the whole time XD

Ruben Dominguez says:

Do u have the deck lost to the deck

Riley Hulbert says:

FYI: The Beast Energy should apply the extra damage when you discard it (glitched), and Spell Tag should apply before you win the game (not a glitch).

BlackRay Gaming says:


Jake Santiago says:

Why don’t you show the decklist for the deck in your vids anymore?

Eric French says:

I know my head exploded the first time I had a cake pop. It also exploded when I first heard K-Pop. But that’s a whole different mind blown experience. Like how could music ever devolve into something so horrific.

PCourie says:

I don’t like my cake pops or fire…. or exploded….. or from another
dimension. Someone tell Pokemon to never make a cake pop store, don’t know how well it would go

PGHEWrexham says:

Hi Andrew from UK!

Joaquin Antonio Vasquez Dedes says:

No le pondría zebstrika a ese deck, ya que no tiene problema de robo con todo el filtro de energías y pokemon que tiene. Esta demás. Aparte que es muy vulnerable al meta. Un buzz lo revienta. Pero se ve entrete eso si man. Saludos.

jjmmos says:

Huge fan mahone! Love the vids and congrats on all the success with the new job and working on YouTube full time. I just have 1 question, do you think I should play cake pop gx or buzzwole gx/lycanroc gx/ alolan ninetales gx?

Marcus Navarro says:

1 marshadow for the sceptile matchup

Mitchell Anderson says:

That thumbnail blinded me

Jason Ridenour says:

I pulled a cake pop on my first pack! Now I need to open about 200 more packs so I can get a Jumpluff. Lol

Max Dubs says:

Cake pop is definitely busted!! But if you didnt know that giratina spread deck actually finished 1st in that big 1300 japanese tournament in the masters division and cake pop came in second so its definitely not as clear of a better deck than giratina as you say it was mahone but none the less great vid as always man!

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