Busted Stream w/ Blacephalon and More – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone streams Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with Blacephalon and more in this PTCGO stream VOD. At the beginning Andrew shows off his second place Blacephalon list from the North Olmstead League Cup.

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Nathanael Rassi says:

That girl is so annoying.

KingDisconator says:

Hey I play Bacephalon too,I love it so much.BTW hope you have a nice day Andrew.

Boba Life says:

btw, i put a reshiram gx for sceptile decks

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Oh, and you speaking at 2+ Speed Andrew, lol, hilarious, like you’ve had a 5 gal. jug of coffee 🙂

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

Jaromir Bracki says:

My friend rocks the Blacephalon list with Ditto* and Alolan Muk. This addition effectively stopped me from having any decent chance while playing Sigilyph-GX deck, and slowed me down while playing Vikaray.

Justin Hartnett says:

What about putting gladeion in the deck to check your prizes for a energy for the burst gx. Just saying.

Seth Horning says:

I don’t eve know what you sound like at 1x speed. I only listen at 2x because I’m impatient and want to watch as many matches in the shortest time possible. Sometimes I wish I could do 3 or 4x 🙂

Brent Cameron says:

First turn Lilly is a game changer!

megazilch says:

At 1.5x you sound like a slightly faster normal person lol sorry Andrew. Natalie sounds like she’s on super crack on 1.5x

Josh E says:

Andrew, this stream is hilarious if you put it on 2x the speed! You’re a funny dude, love the game plays!

Jerry Meehan Jr says:

You got a list of that deck?

Matt Gregg says:

This st is straight fire, love Blacephalon, and Magcargo too.

Eric French says:

Why do you guys not triple your income and have Natakazam run a separate stream as well?
You will be the Oprah of Twitch Natalie! Smart, funny, easy on the eyes and a decision maker!

Boba Life says:

rescue stretcher in blacephalon?

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Blacephalon is definitely my favourite deck and it is so consistent. Nice stream

Cole Weget says:

You sound like you are high on meth on 1.25 speed

dekarispp says:

Dolton Didelot? He’s a pretty good player, I played against him at Memphis and he was playing ulti/malamar. I believe he played it at Virginia as well lmao he loves that deck clearly

Clinton Matos says:

I listen at 1.5X speed… You sound fine.

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