But This is the WATER Club!! | Pokémon Trading Card Game #12 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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KRX50 says:

Y’know, I feel like playing cards by a pool is not the greatest idea because with all that water around, if any of the cards fell onto wet floor or in the pool itself, they’d be ruined

FrozenFairy says:

Expand Puff

tjallan53149 says:

Jared, you and your editor give me so much joy every time you post these. You two are a combination of the likes I’ve never seen, and I love it.

PixelGoat says:

Oh my God, the Slowbro troll was amazing. That actually directs my attention to the player character’s portrait in the game, which amuses me because he looks silently pissed off, lol. Definitely looks like someone who got fucked over by a dick move Slowbro!

german brossard says:

Jared why dont you use confuse ray with gastly? if you are not gona use it, why you put two psych energy in him?

Hikaru WDM says:

I like how well done the sprite card artwork is done. Too bad this hasn’t got a gba sequel to my knowledge…not that I know how the hell the pkmn card game works. Ygo makes more sense to me (although I’ve kinda given up on keeping up to date with that, I think I’ll stick with the battle city style of dueling).

blazingsamurai89 says:


Shayne Rawls says:

I’m enjoying this series. Thanks Jared. With that being said, why do you make such bad decisions. I wish to play you in real life so I can beat you in honor of Raichu and Charizard

angrynightmob says:

The guy who took your Graveler in the Fighting Club will give you a rare promo card when you give him 5 different uncommon cards. But he’ll only ask for new ones when you save and then reload the save.

Jacob K says:

I wish Nintendo/Gamefreak would make another one of these, and it has EVERY CARD.

Or maybe just everything starting from the XY block? IDK I just wish we had another story-based TCG video game.

Evil Mandrake says:

Chris, put up a picture of Venomoth and a picture of Caterpie. No one can tell the difference.

Broden Shean says:

Miss Editor has always had the skills, but that Slowbro edit was amazing.

MetalSmasherGaming says:

Slowbro, you sneaky bastard…

LazyGaming2320 says:

“Welcome to the Water Club! GO SCYTHER!”

Kuma says:

The colors on this look off compared to my 3DS version….

OrangeStrawberry15 says:

I know you’ve already beat Amanda in the water gym, but I’ve been stuck on her for a week. I started this shortly after you started playing and I can’t beat her freakin Wigglytuff to save my life. She threw out all those Clefairy Dolls and Mysterious Fossils to fill her bench so Wigglytuff could use Do the Wave and wipe most of my team for 60 damage. And I can’t seem to get any good coin flips either. She’s just terrible.
(Idek if you have to beat her, but she pissed me off and now I’m determined to beat her)

cursedex says:

I lost it at the second Scyther. Way to go, Water Club.

Alex Riker says:

At the first water fight, should have used Gust of Wind to bring in either the fossil or the doll, to get a prize and deal damage to the scyther.

Just Harry says:

we only use water pokemon HA GOT HIM

Amgarrak says:

Scyther, in a water gym? Seems legit.

Burp Doughnut says:

This episode had me saying “That’s so Jared” throughout the entire video.. Classic.

Britta Moline says:

I love this series!!

Rocky Doyle says:

Dang. This playthrough got me to pick this game back up. It took forever to get the deck I wanted to use together, but Using Muk, Scyther, Tentacruel, and Wigglytuff was pretty nice. The GB-Only Jigglypuff’s attack that is basically a pokeball card is real helpful setting up for a Wigglytuff wave, and both Scyther and Tentacruel are nice and have free retreat costs. Muk mainly just sits on the bench and turns off pokemon powers.

Grammatical Rouge says:

16:17 “She’s going to oversaturate Gastly to re-death!”

And Ms. Editor earn’d herself a cookie. Baked by Jared himself.

Transient Reality says:

Really love this playthrough, Jared! I decided to download this game because it looked like fun and I liked watching you play it, and I’m so glad I did. I play the TCGO, and have a lot of fun building my own decks (though I’m nowhere near an expert), but I never really like that I can’t use the decks I build against the NPCs in that game. Here, I feel a lot more freedom, even though there’s a lot less cards.
I’m having a lot of fun with it! Plus I absolutely CRUSHED the Grass Club Master with my amazing opening hand and draws (Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard right off the bat, used Professor Oak and got a handful of Fire Energy!) and took her out 6-0!

I guess what I’m saying is, thanks Jared! Really happy you played/are playing this! And of course, thanks to Miss Editor too!

Arogya the Master Cleric says:

Why are we talking about fighting club?

Some Random Guy says:

She never actually did it, but Amanda’s strategy was to build up her bench using Clefairy Dolls and Mysterious Fossils in order to power up Wigglytuff, who does more damage the more Pokémon are on the Bench. Also, more than likely, Amanda’s hand was mostly Energy Cards. Neither Jigglypuff nor Scyther needed more Energy and the other cards can’t take Energy, so her hand was useless.

Jec Films says:

can you do a topten worst and best games of 2018

beni anti says:

i feel like you should try to include more of the same pokemon rather than a bigger variety, 4 evolution lines is probably the highest you should go in 1 deck, but then have like 3-2 and/or 3-2-2 of them so you get up to between 20 and 25 pokemon cards, then have a similar bumber of energies and the rest is trainer (should be arouns 10-15)

Zylo82 says:

Jared: see if I’ll make a Fire fighting deck…
Me: HECK YEAH!!! thats muh bread n butter.

Kayla Cornett says:

So I love this series and super smash bros. Ultimate, but you should play Terraria sometime soon. It’s amazing.

Chris11190x says:

Jared if you want an ultimate deck i have the best build for you. Its my old deck from when i played the actual tcg when it came out.
2 to 4 mr mime
4x abra
3x kadabra
2x alakazam
2 to 4 chansey
4x scoop up
The rest is basically up to you. I use bills and prof oak for drawing more cards. Pokemon breeders and traders are super helpful.
Have mr mime as active (best pkmn ability) any damage he takes use alakazam to move it to chansey and when chansey is at 110 dmg use scoop up and replay chansey. One of the best decks you can make in this game

Britta Moline says:

I love this game

trevor stigler says:

hello me again, dont mean to spam i just wanna make sure you see it, i think you should play yugioh duelis of the roses Jared, i really think youd like it

Soumein says:

I imagine if this were a real fight, Slowbro wandered into the arena, looked and Jared and just lets big yawn, “Slooooooooooow” As he tries to reason with Slowbro to get out of the way, and it taking all his attention, this is symbolized by losing all the cards in his hand.

Kaizo Audio says:

I’m biting my nails whenever he’s scrolling through menus, whispering “slow down.” Nervous.

Sir Ubersupersloth says:

Miss editor was on point this video!

Tucks Plays says:

Ms. Editor was great this episode.

Crow says:

I love this series so much.

Lord Tyrathius says:

When the damaged Scyther came out my first thought was “Oh shit, she has a Plus Power”

HIYGamer says:

If you build a fire / fighting deck, that would be kinda cool to see, because my brother’s 2 starting decks were an electric / psychic deck, and a fire / fighting deck.

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