Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Metagross – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Metagross in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Which deck will reign supreme in this battle between new Ultra Beast Pokemon? Watch and find out!

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Lustereclips says:

dusk mans necrozma

Evan Lindblad says:

How does this deck match up against an Espeon Garb deck?

NDogg15 says:


Sweaty Ghetsis says:

I played you yesterday with the Ultra Necrozma Metagross! I put it together just to cooldown (been playing Buzzwole all season) and the deck is actually pretty cool. I didn’t even realize it was you until the last turn, I felt like such an ass.

Prestige Pokemon says:

Buzzwole is a beast

mp29940 says:

Metagross misplay



Slotholopolis To you says:

I’ve heard you mention a time or two that electric decks are getting some buffs after rotation, is that just due to Buzzwole losing some support?

ArdipithecusR. says:


Matt Gregg says:

Thoughts on pairing Electrode GX with xerneas break when celestial storm drops.

Riley Hulbert says:

Did your opponent just algorithm and then not attack?

Clashemon says:

Please tell me where you’ll be hanging out at the Ohio Nats! Rlly excited to meet you.

Ronald Miller-Norris says:

Andrew how good is metagross gx realistically against tier 1? Im high on it right and think its sneaky good but it may be wishful thinking. Sorry this isnt buzzgarb related

Alex McCorkindale says:

That beast ring, garb turn was OP haha

Anand P says:

great video. cant wait until u hit a mil.

Xander Homeschool says:

hay Andrew

Shirley Chua says:

i want to know the decklist of kevin baxter’s beast box deck without naganadel

Guy Wantha says:

young mosquito men

SkyTheEgg says:

Do you date Natalie Shampay?

Alex Edes says:

Buzz/Garb is strong for sure! Best pick for NAIC tho I’m not so sure. It’d probably be in my top 5 picks.

JJ Campbell says:

Who else is here because Big Jiggly Panda said to come here

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