Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Greninja BREAK – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Greninja BREAK in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video featuring the new set, Ultra Prism.

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Gerardo Gonzalez says:

What time do you mostly play?

Grant Shen says:

What do you suggest for collinsville regional mr.mahone

EricaTheBoss says:

Hey mahone I think u should do some league cup vlogs here and there

TheChees z says:

I love Buzzwole-GX 😀 used it in Brazil “Regional de São Paulo”

Encrypted Gaming says:

I have friends over like allll the time. Me: ;( I have none

Euler Machado says:

Nice match to see, you overplayed the oponent this time, even with that HUGE misplay! Nice to see your own studio, keep it up, your channel is the best one. (Hey, Im seeing your video at 2 am at Brasil, so you’re reaaly good!)

Luke Harrison says:

7th here yeet

Nick Ntafos says:

Please do new ultra prism deck profiles

Matt Gregg says:

I got a fever and the only prescription is more absorption.

Renan Kiritani says:

You are such a bad player…. first turn should have gone for 2 elixirs and attach energy to bench Buzz, so you scape rope later and knock off the Frog. Against Greninja you should kill them fast before they evolve. Also multiple missplays along the way… I guess you don’t have any idea what you are doing with this deck.

cochiselol1232 says:

How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

Sometimes I enjoy simple decks, or decks with not toooo many turn actions. I also do not have an octillery…..

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

The green screen thing is annoying. Agree with you on that.

Cole Gourley says:


TheEPICDusknoir says:

Weird list. I was contemplating Nest Ball, but there was some…interesting… card choices. I’m interested to see the list

MattJRM says:

You should try out gorgeist rotom!

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

Dang it third

Dylan Stark says:

Nice vid

Cristian Juarez says:

I think that’s my issue with both Buzzwole/Garbodor & Greninja BREAK, both either fire on all six cylinders or don’t and whiff.

Josh Freeman says:

Niiiiice!!!! Apt studio!!! Congrats!!!

Sexybathsalts says:

You should do viewer matches soon !

Toxic G says:

I know u probably won’t see this but if u do, u should do a updated buzzwole/lycanroc deck list( with Cynthia and some other cards)

Hatmaster 123 says:

Gourgeist coming soon?

ChaosSaberX says:

yay! can we have 1080p as well, is ok if it is too much to ask for

tofuness911 says:

The greninja player here! Nice game! Those Parallel Cities really slowed me down! Didn’t expect a second parallel! Would love to playtest with you some more with different decks

fantasyisntfun says:

studio lookin’ tight man, another great video. buzz/garb is a really nasty deck.

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

Yay home studio!

Poke' Apocalypse says:

I’ve not seen a Greninja Break deck taken advantage off this badly in a while. o.o
Buzzwole is a force to deal with, and a strong one. Great stuff Andrew!!

Adam McDonald says:

Liking the new studio set up my man!

Lumi Asagi says:

Will Azul be at your place? Can we expect Azul on Deriums? 😀 😀 😀

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